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many visitors to Big-5 African game reserves take great animal or landscape pictures but then never look at them or share them – the pictures remain on a computer or DVD for years – WHAT A WASTE!!

If you love wilderness areas, wildlife photography and African safaris then you have agreat opportunity to share your passion as these safari travellers have done:

Tony Proud and his wonderful Safari Treasures!

Wayne Duke and his amazing Our Etosha Adventure!

We will add to the above Travellers' Tales as and when you send us your stories and images!

There are a few options for people, who return from their Big-five African photo safari, to display their creative talents:

- Have just the best pictures printed in postcard size and put them into an album, which you leave in your lounge for visitors to look at.

- Print a few of the best pictures on A4, A3 or even A3+ photo paper and have them framed and then hang on your walls.

- sell your photographs!

- Put the best photographs into a folder on your computer and then link this to your screensaver.

- Have your favorite photgraph as your computer desktop background.

- Enter your best photographs into photo contests such as the SANParks photo of the month or the BBC Wildlife Photographer of the year.

- Share your favorite photographs and stories with other people that visit this web site and get comments/feedback from them:

Share Your Big-five Safari Story!

If you've been to the Kruger, Kalahari, Etosha, or Pilanesberg and love these places as much as we do, please do share your experiences, advice and tips!

We would be keen to try them on our next Safari and I'm sure other visitors to this site will as well!

After a good day’s game viewing people gather around the campfire and relive the animal sightings of the day and reminisce about their unforgettable experiences…

• Perhaps you’ve had a good or bad experience?
• Maybe you have a favorite camp?
• Do you have a funny story to tell?
• Have you captured any special pictures?

What Other Kruger-2-Kalahari Visitors Have Said...

Click below to see contributions from other people who are passionate about the Kruger National Park, the Pilanesberg, Etosha and the Kalahari...

A short while back, I was on an open vehicle in the Sabi Sands when we found a female leopard. I had a K-Way jacket with me which I took off and sat on …

One day in the Kruger Park 
December 9 took a drive to Waterval Onder, Mpumalanga and slept over at a lodge just below the tunnel. Left early Saterday morning for a day visit to the …

In the trees. 
we drive along and stare into the tree-lined roadside and what do we see? Waiting for the elusive big five and we miss out on what is in the tree or what …

Predator kills are not everything 
Not really a Safari story but a thought on nature in general. It is Sunday morning and I am browsing through different websites loaded with videos and …

Apology for a Fish Eagle. 
It seems the Fish Eagle at lake panic took flight. Here are some photos of the Fish Eagle not getting his footing. The thin branch that he was trying …

August Kruger Park Visit 
Once again we made a visit to the Kruger March 2016 being our last. Game viewing was not that good as the southern region was very dry comparing to our …

Lion encounter while on foot 
We recently did the Sand River Bush Camp in the Kruger. Basically this involves a day where the party, guided by two Honorary Rangers, walks in the morning …

Dunevalley to Upington on the way via the Malopo. 
Traveling from Dunevalley to Upington via the Malopo river was nostalgic as we traveled on this road well before the tar road that made the park more accessible …

Final stretch direction Upington along the Malopo river. 
After 2 nights at Dunevalley we traveled along the Malopo river towards Upington, The old road from Upington to the Kgalagadi T F park. Places like Koopan-suid, …

Rietfontein to Dunevalley via Askham. 
From Rietfontein we traveled via Askham to a Guest farm Dune valley, Run by Magda and Claude, where we had stayed over on a previous occasion. A cabin …

Rietfontein Mier area. 
In Rietfontein there is a few historic sites to vissit as the Reformed church that was built ib 1889. Towards Askham past Mier is Hakskeen Pan where the …

Benoni to Kgalagadi - Olifantshoek to Vanzylsrus. 
On our trip to the Kgalagadi we decided not to follow the conventional route of either Hotazel or Upington but took a short right 3 Km outside of Olifantshoek. …

Cheetah mother provides for grown-up cubs 
We had watched a cheetah mother and her four rather large cubs lounging around in the shade of a camelthorn in the mid afternoon. Thinking that she might …

Out of the box in the Kalahari 
These are a few of the photos taken in the Kalahari and then manipulated in PS hope you enjoy

A Hippo is startled by a Goliath Heron and takes evasive action to protect her baby 
The Hippo is startled by the Goliath Heron and takes evasive action to protect its baby, the Heron flies on while the Hippo looks on. May 2012, in Zimbabwe, …

Photographic Equipment and Style 
I Prefer to use my tracking skills and knowledge and approach game slowly and efficiently. As a result the prime lens I use on my FX camera D700 is the …

Johannesburg to Kgalagadi via the Molopo River Not rated yet
Having spent some time in the park we started our journey back by staying over at a guest-farm called Inkbospan run by Landa and Thinus Conradie. Working …

Benoni to the Kgalagadi - Leeupan Guest House to Boksputs via the Molop River Not rated yet
From Leeupan guest house we took a short right 5 Km down the Askham road traveling diectly to the Malopo river and along the Botswana border to Boksputs. …

Benoni to the Kgalagadi - Leeupan Guest House  Not rated yet
25 Km from Vanzylsrus lies Leeupan Guest house run by Lorraine where we stayed over. You are free to roam the farm and climb sand dunes. My best time was …

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