The Photographers Guide to the Greater Kruger National Park eBook


The Photographers Guide to the Greater Kruger National Park eBook costs just US$27.00 and comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

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Standing Ovation Leopard in Kruger ParkStanding Ovation Leopard

If you will be visiting the Kruger National Park you may have just 1 chance to capture the fleeting moments that you witness.

 Your Dream...

You're going on a photo safari to the Kruger National Park that is famous for its big-five animals, birds and amazing landscapes - you have dreams of capturing your fantastic wildlife experiences on camera and returning home with impressive images to show friends and family.

Your Struggle...
You get home with magnificent memories, but boring photographs that have not captured the essence of the Kruger Park. You are so disappointed with the photographs that you show nobody.

Or, even worse, you cannot find the animals to photograph! Remember, the national parks are not zoos, you need to be able to first find the subjects and then know how best to photograph them.


The above scenario is played out by many people each year. You are unsure of what photo equipment to bring with, you don't know where the animal hot-spots are and you don't know what to expect from the animals if and when you do find them.

And then, by the time you are just getting 'acclimatized' to the park, it's time to go home!

For many people, an African safari is a once-in-a-lifetime travel experience and you don't have the time or money to repeat the trip in order to rectify mistakes you made on your first safari. 

But what if you could get a head start with your safari and know important information up-front?

Well you can...
the solution to your problem is The Photographers Guide to the Greater Kruger National Park, an affordable Kruger self-drive book (US$27.00) that you can download today (no postage costs) and either print out or keep on your laptop, iPad and/or Smartphone.

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The plan is that when you arrive at an area covered in this eBook you'll know where to go when and what to expect and you will know what equipment and techniques will be most effective.

From the first day you arrive at the Greater Kruger National Park, you could be photographing the key animal species like a Kruger veteran!

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What other people are saying about The Photographers Guide to the Greater Kruger National Park

"It's 789 pages of the most amazing information. It consists of, well, everything really. Photography info...area info...hidden roads...special places...what they have seen almost road by road. Where to stay just outside the information.

It takes quite a lot to impress me, but I really feel that this book, which was 7 years in the making, is exceptional."

-- Janey Coetzee, creator of the CAROK group (Camps and Roads of Kruger), South Africa

"Planning a Kruger trip? A new guide by pro photographers holds the key to good pictures.

Learn from the folks who spent 517 days in the park and make your photos sing!"

-- Romi Boom, Editor of Wildcard Magazine, South Africa

"It's an excellent publication and a snip at the price. Very comprehensive in as much as it covers so many options for places to stay in and around KNP, gives good ideas on the best places to stop for photo opportunities and lots of hints and tips on how to get better photographs.

It's a good read too and it's like the biggest trip report I have ever read, so I think those who have been before will enjoy it as much as I have in anticipation of my first visit!"

-- Dave Williams, Llandudno, Wales

"...the majority of images are really impressive, each chosen for a practical reason, sometimes annotated to stress a point.

The authors clearly know what they are doing. For decades they have mapped their sightings, and in explaining how they achieved their images, they’re sharing invaluable tips on understanding wildlife behaviour, reading the signs, getting yourself in the best position for the shot.

There is a phenomenal wealth of information here; real substance."

-- Craig Rix, Editor, Travel Africa Magazine, UK

"Absolutely superb - you guys hit it out of the park - I've seen several other Kruger books and, in my opinion, yours is simply the best!”

-- Bob Shephardson, Debarry, Florida, USA

"This is an indispensable guide to getting the best out of Kruger, camera in hand or not!”

-- Caroline Webb, Associate Editor, Getaway Magazine, South Africa

"Get the most out of your next trip to the Kruger National Park with this eBook." - Safari News

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What's Inside the Photographers Guide to the Greater Kruger National Park eBook...

Written by three wildlife photographers who have spent over twenty years on African photo safaris – both guided safaris and self-drive safaris.

We are confident this eBook will immensely improve your Kruger Park photo safari:

·  It's for every level of photographer - whether you have just one camera and one lens or if you are an advanced photographer with all the latest gear.

·  It's a substantial book - 789 pages filled with photos, advice, tips and lessons that the authors have spent years learning.

·  It's a blend of theory with plenty of practical advice - there are explicit directions (with great maps), best times to visit, photographic lessons and expected subjects for the whole park including places outside the park.

·  It's instantly accessible - no waiting for postal deliveries or expensive couriers.

·  Whenever we update the eBook with fresh information you will be entitled to the revised copy at no charge.

·  It's guaranteed - you get a 30-day money-back guarantee.

·  The eBook is portable - you can take it with you in your vehicle and refer to it while at the waterholes and/or while sitting at the camps doing a sofa-safari!

The Photographers Guide to the Greater Kruger National Park 
Table of Contents...

About the Authors          

Table of Contents           


More about the Photographers Guide to the Greater Kruger National Park            

How to Use This Book   

Photographic Equipment             

Making the most of Your Kruger Safari

Travelling tips to the Kruger Park              

Lesson 1: Plan your safari before you arrive in the park  


Our Southern Kruger Sightings  

A1 Berg-en-Dal Rest Camp          

Lesson 2: Macro Photography in-camps

A2 Malelane camp          

A3 Lukimbi Safari Lodge

Lesson 3: Always have your cameras ready          

Suggested Drives around the Berg en Dal area    

S110 Tar Road Highlights              

Points of Interest            

A4 Pretoriuskop Rest Camp        

A5 Tented Adventures Pretoriuskop       

Lesson 4: Keep the background and your position in mind             

A6 Nkambeni Safari Camp & Buffalo Rock Tented Camp 

Suggested Drives around the Pretoriuskop area 

S3 Highlights     

Points of Interest            

A7 Skukuza Rest Camp  

Lesson 5: Star Trails & Star Points             

Suggested Drives around the Skukuza area          

Points of Interest            

Lesson 6: Enlarging the size of your canvas           

Lesson 7: Photographing the Sunrise from Koppies          

A8 Lower Sabie Rest camp           

Suggested Drives around the Lower Sabie area  

H10 Highlights  

Points of Interest            

Lesson 8: Look for patterns:       

Lesson 9: Previsualisation - Anticipating the Subject’s Movements

A9 Crocodile Bridge Rest Camp

Lesson 10: Situation driven not subject driven    

Suggested Drives around the Crocodile Bridge area

Points of Interest            

Lesson 11: Getting creative when faced with difficult photo situations.   

A10 Biyamiti Bush Camp             

 Suggested Drives around the Biyamiti area          

Staying outside the Park & Entering each day as a Day Visitor:     

Crocodile Bridge Gate   

Restaurants in Komatipoort        

Restaurants in Malelane              

Numbi Gate       

Restaurants in White River          

Lesson 12: Don’t be afraid to use high ISO!

Restaurants in Hazyview              

Paul Kruger Gate             

Lesson 13: Shoot First, Ask Questions Later          

A11 Mthethomusha Game Reserve - Bongani Mountain lodge    

San Rock-art

Lesson 14: Photographing Wildflowers  


Our Central Kruger Sightings      

B1 Talamati Bushveld camp        

B2 Mlutwati Concession

  Imbali Lodge, Hoyo Hoyo, Hamiltons Tented Camp              

B3 Orpen Restcamp       

Lesson15: Photographing Reptiles

B4 Maroela Camping site             

B5 Tamboti Tented Camp            

B6 Satara rest camp       

Suggested Drives in the Orpen/Satara/Talamati area       

S100 Highlights 

H7 Highlights     

H1-3 Highlights 

H1-4 Highlights 

Lesson 16: Finding Leopards       

Points of Interest            

Lesson 17: How to behave at a Sighting 

Lesson 18: Photographing Birds on Game Drives

B7 Roodewal Bush Lodge             

B8 Balule Camp

Suggested Drives around the Roodewal & Balule areas   

Points of Interest            

Lesson 19: Understanding animal behaviour       

Lesson 20: Be aware of Your Surroundings           

Orpen Gate       


Lesson 21: Lighting         

B10 Manyeleti Game Reserve   

B11 Shalati Safari Camp

B12 Timbavati Game Reserve    

B13 Makalali Conservancy/Lourene Game Reserve          

Lesson 22: Photographing on a Guided Game Drive         


Our Northern Kruger Sightings  

C1 Olifants Restcamp    

Lesson 23: Photographing from the Camps          

Suggested Drives in the Olifants area      

Points of Interest            

Lesson 24: Sunrise & Sunset from the Bridges     

C2 Letaba Restcamp      

C3 Shimuwini Bush Camp            

Lesson 25: Shooting Leopard cubs – all day!        

Suggested drives in the Letaba/Phalaborwa area

Lesson 26: Photographing Birds in Camp

Off-road Routes

H14 Highlights  

Points of Interest            

Tip: Shooting Animalscapes        

Tips on what to take for a sleep out at the hide  

Lesson 27: Using Smartphone Cameras on Safari

C4 Boulders Bush Lodge

Boulders Bush Lodge private road: S136

C5 Mopani Rest Camp   

Lesson 28: How to capture images at congested sightings             

C6 Tsendze Rustic Camp               

Suggested drives in the Mopani area      

Points of Interest            

Lesson 29: Using HDR    

C7 Bateleur Bushveld Camp        

Points of Interest            

Phalaborwa Gate            

Lesson 30: Stop and Scan             

C8 Letaba Ranch              

C9 Machampane Wilderness Camp         


Our Far-north Kruger Sightings  

D1 Shingwedzi 

D2 Sirheni Bushveld Camp

Suggested Drives in the Shingwedzi / Sirheni area             

H1-7 Highlights 

Points of Interest            

Lesson 31: High-key & Low-key Images 

D3 Punda Maria Rest Camp        

Lesson 32: Photographing at night in the camps

D4 Pafuri Border Camp 

D5 Pafuri Camp

Walks & game drives:    

H13-1 Highlights              

Lesson 33: Baobab Sunrise          

Points of Interest

Lesson 34: Crocodile Kills             

Punda Maria & Pafuri Gates       

Lesson 35: Finding Subjects        

D6 Makuya Park              

A Typical Self-drive Day in Kruger             

Tips for Day Visitors       

A Typical Day at a Private Reserve in Greater Kruger        

More about the Kruger National Park     

Gate and camp opening and closing times:          

Kruger National Park Road Numbers & Names   

Kruger National Park Seasons    

Accommodation Facilities within Kruger

Picnic sites         

Bird hides           

Health & Safety

The advantages of staying inside the park             

Some of our previous itineraries

Animals visiting you in your chalets or tents   

Lesson 36: The Magic Tree

Photographic opportunities missed         



Photographer’s Resources          

Keeping Drinks Hot or Cold         

Kruger Park Books          

Photographic Safaris      

     Technical Details 

Image Index


About the Authors…

Mario & Jenny Fazekas have, since 1995, spent over 1000 days on self-drive and guided safaris in African National Parks in southern & east Africa with over half that time being spent in the Greater Kruger National Park.

Many of their photographs have been published and they have won a number of photographic contests.

Trevor Barnett has been visiting the KNP for over thirty 30 years but has taken wildlife photography serious only in the last ten to fifteen years. ‘Serious’ being an understatement, as Trevor leaves camp every morning as the gates open and he returns just as the gates close.

Some of Trevor’s images have won photo contests and have been showcased in many local and international publications.

Who better to than these three photographers to advise you on how best to find and photograph the Kruger National Park's amazing wildlife!

A quality digital camera is just the start of what you need - these three seasoned wildlife photographers will provide tried and tested tips so you can capture great digital photographs while on your Kruger safari.

Who's this Book For...?

Little Bee-eater sitting on elephant dung in Kruger Park
Leopard mother interacting with cub on S147
Leopard interacting with honey badgers in Kruger Park
Grey herons fighting on hippo's back at sunset dam in Kruger Park
Leopard feeding on elephant carcass in Kruger Park

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The Photographers Guide to the Greater Kruger National Park costs only US$27.00

That's less than one night's camping site for four people costs in the Kruger Park!

Remember, you are spending thousands of dollars on safari accommodation, travel and photographic gear - ensure that you get value for money from your safari by investing in The Photographers Guide to the Greater Kruger National Park, so that you can make certain that you return home from your photo safari with images you are proud of.


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Boxing lions in Kruger National Park
Getaway Magazine review of Kruger Park Photography Guide eBook
Wild Card Magazine review of Kruger Park self-drive eBook
Scorpion under UV light in Letaba Camp, Kruger Park
Male lion walking at Transport Dam in Kruger Park
Sunrise over the Selati railway Bridge at Skukuza in Kruger Park

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