Crocodile Bridge

This camp is a small, quiet camp with well-kept lawns and friendly staff...

Croc Bridge camp reception

The bungalows, or 'rondavels' as they are known by some, are small but neat and clean...

Situated as it is, on the southern boundary of the Kruger National Park, Crocodile Bridge Camp can be combined with destinations as diverse as Maputo on the Indian Ocean, 100km (62 miles) away, or the mountain Kingdom of Swaziland (just an hour’s drive away).

The Crocodile Bridge Gate on the north bank of the river is only 13km (8 miles) from the town of Komatipoort, 12km (7.5 miles) from the Mozambican Border, and 77km (48 miles) from Skukuza Rest Camp.

The only negative is that the camp overlooks kilometers of farmland. But most importantly the camp is situated on the north bank of the Crocodile River, in the south eastern corner of the Kruger National Park, and is part of the famous 'Southern Circle' that provides visitors with regular sightings of Africa's super-seven 

We have been visiting the Kruger Park for over 20 years and have not been able to get a decent photograph of the lesser bush baby. The thick-tailed bush babies are easy to find in camps such as Skukuza and Punda Maria but the lesser bush baby is small and silent, unlike the larger cousin that screams so loud!

We eventually got fantastic shots of the lesser bush baby, or Galago as it's also known' in Crocodile Bridge restcamp!

Click Here to download the May 2010 issue of the Kruger Park Times. Check page 21 for our article entitled The Southern Circle – Kruger’s Best-Kept Secret

The following video clip was taken by a visitor staying in the camp. The pride of lions had already feasted on a buffalo when they saw this buffalo. They then proceeded to harrass the buffalo but did not kill it as they had already eaten. They did, however, succeed in chasing the buffalo into the visitor's car! You'll notice the buffalo at the end of the clip running towards the camera and then the video stops...

This page has been created to allow visitors to post these type of exciting stories and pictures for others to see.

The camp is a special place and when guests return home and they start getting withdrawal symptoms, they are now able to log on and see the latest sightings, posted by guests and game rangers, from guided bush walks, game drives and night drives.

Visitors to this page can then comment on and discuss each picture and story.

Have a Great Story with Pictures about Your Stay at Croc Bridge Camp?

Crocodile Bridge Camp in the Kruger National Park is a favorite with many people as it is situated on the game-rich 'Southern Circle'.

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What Other Visitors Have Said

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Duke, the legend, has died 
One of the oldest tuskers in the Kruger National Park (KNP), Duke, passed away on October 1, 2011 seemingly of old age. The elephant was discovered …

Albino Elephant 
While on holiday at Mjejane (border Kruger) we spotted this Elephant, amongst the herd, that seems to be an Albino. He was very pink on his under body …

Crocodile Bridge - Bridge reconstruction update  
The long awaited re-construction of the bridge across the Crocodile river is fanally completed, and the handover shall be done on Friday 29 October 2010. …

Duke 2007 
We have been traveling to Africa since 1993. In May of 2007 we were in the Kruger National Park for our 3rd time. We stayed in Lower Sabie, Satara and …

Croc Bridge - update on the Bridge 
Here is a photograph of the construction as at the end of August 2010. The bridge is supposed to be complete end of September - I don't think this will …

Duke update - June 2010 
Duke is a mild-mannered elephant bull that is often spotted in the vicinity of Crocodile Bridge Camp. He is also one of the Kruger's 'Big Tuskers', …

Croc Bridge 
Croc Bridge is one of the best camps in the park. Game viewing is good in the area around the camp. Please can someone please tell me when the bridge over …

Saw Duke while staying at Croc. Bridge in 2006. He must be one of the best sightings i have had in the park. Can you please let me know if he is still …

Lost elephant calf - so sad! 
This is a close-up picture of the lost elephant calf. Sadness turned to joy when mommy eventually found him!

Lost elephant calf in traffic 
This small elephant calf was lost and was wandering in the road between the cars looking for the herd. Eventually the mother found her and there was a …

Bush walk breakfast 
Breakfast time on a bush walk.

The Selati Bridge at Crocodile Bridge 
The old Crocodile River Bridge that formed part of the Selati railway line. This bridge was constructed over 100 years ago and still stands even after …

Kruger Krazies 
Yes, there are 'Kruger Krazies' all through the park, disobeying the park rules and getting out of their vehicles - endangering themselves and other visitors. …

Duke - one of the Kruger's big tuskers 
Duke was one of the Kruger Park's famous 'big-tuskers'. This photograph was taken after he broke his left tusk. Now he has broken the right tusk as well. …

Cheetah on the H5 (Randspruit) Road 
This cheetah was spotted some 27kms north of the Crocodile Bridge camp along the Randspruit (H-5) road on 26 October 2010.

Baboon - posing on bridge 
This baboon posed so nicely for us in the late afternoon sun.

...I know, you were going to say 'Drongo' weren't you! This is a rare fork-tailed Gecko photgraphed in one of the Crocodile Bridge bungalows.

The S28 Cheetah Brothers 
These two Cheetah brothers are often seen on the S28 dirt road that forms the eastern part of the Southern Circle. We spotted them at about 11h30 and …

Green Mamba in the Kruger Park... 
We were sitting in the Nthandanyathi hide, located on the S28, watching hippos and elephants when we noticed a bright green snake in the tree in front …

Leopard chasing Hyena 
This leopard had had enough of the hyena and decided to chase him away. They were running so fast that they ran out of my view!

Buffalo herd - up close. 
Morning or afternoon game walks allow guests to get really close to nature. This buffalo herd was about 50 meters away from us and quite relaxed.

Klipspringer Not rated yet
Normally we see klipspringers on rocky outcrops and boulders. This one decided to hop onto one of the stone and concrete signs that are found throughout …

Lioness Not rated yet
The lioness walked for over three kilometers on the dirt road next to our vehicle. She and her sister were looking for prey.

Leopard Not rated yet
This leopard was resting in a dry river bed and on our bush walk we disturbed him so he bolted.

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Lion feeding on dead hippo Not rated yet
This male lion was seen right next to the road feeding on a dead hippo. It's thought that the hippo was wounded and that two male lions then brought …

Elephant skull Not rated yet
Elephant skull discovered on a bush walk.

The rarely sighted Black Rhino Not rated yet
This Black Rhino was seen on a game drive along the H4-2 tar road to Lower Sabie near the Sabie River. The Crocodile Bridge area has many daily sightings …

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