Evolution In Action


'Evolution In Action' - sounds impressive doesn't it?

1. I first heard this expression when reading about the peppered moth, which nearly all textbooks on evolution include as the classic example of evolution by natural selection. However, this "clearest case" of purported Darwinian evolution by natural selection is not true!

It has been known since about 1980 that the photographs taken by scientists in the 1950s were all staged. The moths were glued, pinned, or placed onto tree trunks and their pictures taken.

The scientists who used these pictures in their books to 'prove' evolution all conveniently forgot to tell their readers this fact - more like 'FRAUD IN ACTION'!

2. In 2009 I again saw this expression when reading the visitor's book in Kielie Krankie camp in the Kgalagadi. One visitor commented that it was so lovely to sit in the cabin and watch 'evolution in action'. I looked around and saw trees, sand dunes, some birds and mammals but nothing to show evolution happening!

3. Then in September 2010 a post appeared on te SANParks forum called - you guessed it! - 'Evolution In action'. The post, quoting National Geographic, referred to Scientists in Australia having discovered that the Yellow-bellied three-toed skink is abandoning their egg-laying in favor of live birth thereby demonstrating 'evolution in action'.

I then replied that not everything that National Geographic or scientists say can be taken at face value without verifying the claims.

I pointed out a November 1999 National Geographic article entitled 'Feathers for T-Rex', that introduced the 'Archaeoraptor' fossil and hailed it as the 'missing link' between carnivorous dinosaurs and modern birds. It was very quickly exposed as a FRAUD - a chinese farmer (by himself or maybe even with assistance from the Paleontologist, who knows!) had glued the head and body of a primitive bird and the tail and hind limbs of a dromaeosaur dinosaur together!

National Geographic did later retract the article but the damage was done as hundreds of thousands of people had read the article and now thought that evolution was true.

The thread went on for five pages - select posts are listed here with my responses and (comments) in orange...

> "the idea of a missing link is a term used by the general public and most often left completely out of true scientific study. Evolution is now considered a scientific fact"

> "I have also read in a National Geographic magazine that a certain moth in Britain has changed its camouflage patterns to adapt to the color of trees. Because of all the smoke the bark of a specific tree became dark grey instead of the normally dark brown. If the moth did not change its camouflage, it will be easier to spot by predators."

(This was the person that started the thread - he is adamant that he will find evidence for evolution!)

> "As far as i can remember it's called the peppered moth"

(I then post that the peppered moth was another evolutionary FRAUD.

What I find most amazing about this peppered moth story is that Kettlewell (the scientist who glued the moths onto trees) came clean about his fraud in the late 1950's, yet we still see textbooks used in today's schools that are using his work as proof that Evolution is true.

It's scary how evolutionists can manipulate our school system to ensure that they indoctrinate your kids into their way of thinking!)

> "I am a Christian and believe that God would not have left His creatures without mechanisms to evolve over time to survive various stressors. Scientists who refuse to believe in creationism are closed minded and refuse to see what is infront of them every single day, but so too are religious minded people who refuse to see the scientific side of what is infront of them every day! - IMHO"

> "Evolution is real it is supported by factual evidence. I do not impose any opinion on another but at least learn both sides!"

> "it says - And He made the fishies in the sea, and also - one day for him seems like a million/thousand for us". (The Bible now starts getting misquoted by the evolutionists to help their argument and this post is applauded by the professing Christian.

I then point out that they are taking the Bible out of context...)

> "Yes, 2 Peter 3:8 - this verse has been widely misinterpreted [on purpose] as supporting the day/age theory of creation in Genesis 1. In context, however, it has nothing to do with creation week, but rather with the last days. In effect, Peter is NOT saying that one day means a thousand years but rather that "one day is with the Lord like a thousand years".

That is, God's judgment on a wicked world will do as much geological work (earthquakes, fires, hurricanes etc.) in one day as could be accomplished by uniform natural processes in a thousand years."

(They ignore this and carry on...)
> "EXACTLY, who decides whose interpretation is correct! To me the bible cannot be interpreted literally but rather in a figurative sense."

> "You claim that dinosaurs roamed only a few hundred years ago, then how do you discredit the techniques used to date the fossils?"

> My point on the misinterpretation is that some people deliberately quote only parts of what was said so that it suits their viewpoint. "An eye for an eye" is another example - some people say, 'look the Bible says we can go and get revenge' yet they have left the sentence/s before and after out that puts the quoted part in context. The context is that the law must ensure an eye for an eye - if you steal a pen you should not get the death penalty but a punishment relevant to the crime.

Regarding carbon dating, it has been shown untrustworthy. For example, the shells of living snails’ were carbon dated and showed that the snails had died 27,000 years ago! Other specimens have been carbon dated more than once, each time producing a different date varying by thousands of years.

> "If dinosaurs were around a few 100 years ago then why did the Khoikhoi, Ancient Egyptians or Roman empires have pictures of all other animals, but NO dinosaurs???!!!

> Well what happened to the dinosaurs then? If they were around when humans were around then why did whatever disaster that caused them to perish not destroy humans??"

> I then point out that there are pictographs and petroglyphs containing dinosaurs and the Bible mentions 'dragons' because the word 'dinosaur' was coined after the Bible was written. I also explain what could have happened to the dinosaurs after they got off the ark.

(Again, the answer is ignored and they carry on...)

> "Maybe i didn't explain myself properly but what i meant to get across is that not all of what the bible says is to be taken literally it can't be."

> "Now the idea that dragons existed is INCORRECT! You claim that evolution dishes out half truths and makes up facts well believing in dragons is ridiculous. EVOLUTION IS SUPPORTED BY A MULTITUDE OF EVIDENCE" (they still cannot list what this 'multitude of evidence' is!)

> What strikes me with this thread is the number of professing Christians who don't know their Bible as they are misquoting verses and the fact that they are saying that God is a liar when He says that He created the earth in SIX days. They are saying that He needed help via evolution and time, lots of time!

> "No one said that He needed help and no one said that God is a liar... That's being a bit dramatic. Do you know for a FACT that when the Bible says that God created the earth in six that it is meant literally?? I am a Christian and just because I do not take everything written in the Bible to be literal, but rather as lessons does not mean that you have the right to question my beliefs. Science is something that God gave us the ability to use as a tool to understand the earth that He created for us.

I agree that this is one of those topics which just creates bitterness and is pointless debating really! I can see that it's just doing to become personal banter and I am on the forum to learn and am happily corrected when need be, but I am not here to be told that what I believe is wrong.

I BELIEVE that there is such thing as creationism (because I am a Christian and read the Bible) and evolution (because I am a scientist and have seen fossils and have studied animals which have been slowly changing over the years due to circumstance, i.e. evolving) and that God controls both. And until someone has something concrete to show me which opposes this, I will regard this as MY truth!"

> So what can be taken literally then - does each person decide what each chapter and verse means? God is not a God of confusion - He is very specific.

People have no problem with numbers elsewhere in the Bible - they take these literally but they seem to have a problem with the 6 days of creation in Genesis. Sin and death entered the world when Adam and Eve disobeyed God, this is why we all die - we have their sin nature and we sin.

BUT if we can say the earth is millions of years old then death existed before Adam and Eve and we therefore don't have to feel guilty about our sin and we can carry on sinning without fear of punishment!

Yes the forum can be a place of learning...

"To suppose that the eye could have been formed by natural selection, seems, I freely confess, absurd in the highest degree" - Charles Darwin

"A little science estranges men from God, but much science leads them back to Him" - Louis Pasteur
> "Let us please get back to the topic and stop the arguments which have nothing to do, really, with this."

(I thought the topic was on 'Evolution in action'!? Why not discuss the validity of evolution? - why not discuss the other side? - what are evolutionists afraid of? - the truth?

This thread then has no replies for a month until this man (we'll call him 'God-hater') picks it up and he doesn't like the fact that I am quoting from the Bible [spelling and grammar as he posted it}...)

> didn't your parents teach you there are three things you shouldn't speak about in public(or on a public forum)

religion, politics and s@x

please there are people of many faiths on this forum so why do you need to quote from the bible?

i picked up were you were going with your first point. and i'm not getting into a battle of whits with you(i'll prob win)but leave the politics to the politicians and the religion to yourself.

("Professing themselves to be wise, they became fools" - Romans 1:22

He very conveniently doesn't see that the atheists, evolutionists and professing Christians started quoting from the Bible to prove their points and I simply pointed out to them that they were misquoting the Bible!

Two minutes later he is back posting...)

> i can't believe the mods haven't removed this guys posts.

(and then another...)

> we are all entitled to our own opinion, we should not have this guy on here trying to force his views upon everyone.

if he wants to argue bible vs evolution must go find a scientific or religious forum where he can post his comments.

can you imaging we subscribe to one of the forums i mentioned above and started typing about lions and zebra's we'd get told to get lost

(Trying to point out to people that they cannot believe everything they read in National Geographic and that there is no evidence for evolution has become 'forcing my views upon everyone'.

He doesn't have to read the posts, he can click the little red and white X in the top right hand corner of his screen and leave the page. But God-haters are offended by the Bible and they want any quotes from the Book removed! [The misquotes can stay of course because they are not offensive!]

I could see that he was baiting me to respond so he could show his superior intelligence and "whit" so I did not reply.

He then posts a rhino photo on our 'Share your stories page' where he swears at me and generally shows what a God-hater he is. He didn't post this offensive stuff on the SANParks forum as he wants people to carry on thinking what a 'NICE GUY' he is!

The moderator then closes and removes the topic...)

> Dear all Please refresh yourselves on the rules of the forums - religion discussion is not permitted. This topic will now be locked and removed tomorrow.

(It's OK to discuss evolution but not Christianity yet evolution is basically a religious philosophy. To quote Ken Ham from his book 'the Lie: Evolution'

... "Both creation and evolution are religious views of life upon which people build their particular models of philosophy, science or history. The issue, therefore, is not science versus religion, but religion versus religion [the science of one religion versus the science of another religion].

It does not take much effort to demonstrate that evolution is not science but religion. Science involved observation using one or more of our five senses [taste, sight, smell, hearing, touch] to gain knowledge about the world and to be able to repeat the observations.

Naturally, one can only observe what exists in the present. It is an easy task to understand that no scientist was present over the suggested millions of years to witness the supposed evolutionary progression of life form the simple to the complex.

No living scientist was there to observe the first life forming in some primeval sea nor to observe the Big Bang that is supposed to have occurred 10 or 20 billion years ago, nor the supposed formation of the earth 4.5 billion years ago. These events certainly cannot be repeated today.

All the evidence scientists have exists only in the present. All the fossils, the living animals and plants, the world, the universe--in fact, everything, exists now--in the present. The average person is not taught that scientists have only the present and cannot deal directly with the past.

Evolution is a belief system about the past based on the words of men who were not there, but who are trying to explain how all the evidence of the present - that is, fossils, animals and plants, etc. - originated. [Webster's Dictionary defines religion as follows: "... cause, principle or system of beliefs held to with ardor and faith." Surely, this is an apt description of evolution]. Evolution is a belief system - a religion!

The problem is that most scientists do not realize that it is the belief [or religion] of evolution that is the basis for the scientific models [the interpretations, or stories] used to attempt an explanation of the present.

Evolutionists are not prepared to change their actual belief that all life can be explained by natural processes and that no God is involved [or even needed]. Evolution is the religion to which they are committed. Professing Christians who also believe in evolution need to wake up to this - evolution is a religion; it is not a science!")

More info here on evolution being a religion.

You would have noticed that every question the evolutionists asked were answered yet they simply ignored the answers and yet they claim that they want to learn from the forum!

This incident confirmed what Ray Comfort says: "skeptics are not interested in the truth. They want only to confirm their presuppositions."

How true that "men loved darkness rather than light, because their deeds were evil, for everyone practicing evil hates the light and does not come to the light, lest his deeds should be exposed." Oops, there I go again quoting the Bible!

Please note that I am not making fun of evolutionists, I took the time to research and post valid answers so that they could be better informed.

Some professed to be Christians yet were misquoting the Bible, or saying that the Bible cannot be read literally!

"Blessed is he who reads and those who hear the words of the prophecy, and heed the things which are written in it; for the time is near." Revelation 1:3

Others were saying there is 'lots of evidence' to prove evolution yet they could produce absolutely NOTHING in terms of valid proof.

I used to be most ignorant and would believe what I read in newspapers or saw on TV and then by the Grace of God I started to see that there is much deception on earth and that we need to be like the Bereans and use our common sense and reason to discern truth from fiction - and listen to our conscience!

We also need to point out this deception to others, whether they are receptive or not.

What I am seeing here is what the Bible calls "HARDNESS OF HEART" IN ACTION!

I pray that these people (the evolutionists, atheists, God-haters and professing Christians) who have been deceived allow the scales taken off their eyes so that they may see the truth as their souls are at stake here!

...slanderers, God-haters, insolent, arrogant and boastful; they invent ways of doing evil; they disobey their parents

...and although they know* the ordinance of God, that those who practice such things are worthy of death, they not only do the same, but also give hearty approval to those who practice them. Romans 1:30 and 32

* These people are not ignorant - they are in blatant rebellion to God.

The Bible tells us in Matthew 7:13 to "Enter through the narrow gate; for the gate is wide and the way is broad that leads to destruction, and there are many who enter through it".

The verse was proved on this thread, as out of about 20 people posting just two of us were Bible-believing Christians who rejected evolution, took the word of God literally, feared God, and have put our trust in His son Jesus Christ.

Some Christians are accused of being arrogant because they quote from the Bible. God's word never come back void - either the hearer will be convicted of his/her sins and repent or he/she will harden their heart.

The TRUTH has a way of offending people that is why Jesus Christ and his apostles were all murdered.

I am no better than you are - we are all sinners but I have repented and now trust in Jesus Christ and His word tells me to witness to others so that you may also have a chance to repent. Hence these pages, to try and point out to you that you have offended God and His judgement is coming.

You will die - if not today then next month or in ten year's time - please get right with God before you die! I want nothing from you but to see you save your soul from eternal torment.

The Bible tells us that we will all spend eternity in one of two places - heaven or hell.

Your choice: Heaven or Hell...?

The British prime minister, William Gladstone, once confronted a young man who wanted to go into law and government.

The prime minister asked him what his dreams were.

Bursting with ambition and energy, the young man replied, "First law, then government."

Asked Gladstone, "Then what?"

"Service to my nation."

"Then what?" queried Gladstone.

"Perhaps fame and wealth."

"Then what?"

"I guess I will retire and to live on what I have made."

"Then what?"

"I guess I'll die."

"Then what?" asked Gladstone.

There was complete silence.

Then Gladstone said, "Young man, you had better go back and think life through!"

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