Out of the way, please sir!

by Irvine Eidelman
(Cape Town)

Elephant in Etosha

Elephant in Etosha

This elephant wanted to walk in the road and was not going to give way to the vehicle!

At least this driver knew who would win such a confrontation and backed down - unlike this driver in the Pilanesberg...!
On his roof!!

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Mar 05, 2011
Pilanesberg elephant in 'lust'!
by: Gerhard

And now they are talking about the elephant being in 'lust' instead of 'musth' I thought romping jumbo would kill
- these people are ignorant!!

Mar 01, 2011
Angry elephant now becomes 'amorous' elephant!
by: Mario

Yes, we saw the Pilanesberg elephant article. Now the European press has got hold of the same article but now it's an 'amorous' elephant!

Horny elephant leaves car passengers head over wheels

This elephant is certainly not trying to 'mate' with the car! The driver of the car was impatient, did not respect the elephant's space so the elephant is simply showing the vehicle, and its driver, who is the boss in the Pilanesberg!!

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