Olifants Camp

Olifants Rest camps entrance gateWelcome to Olifants Rest Camp

Olifants is one of our favourite camps because it is perched on the edge of a cliff with beautiful views overlooking the Olifants River. It is a camp that you do not need to leave; you can watch the game in the riverbed or on the plains below.

Entrance to Olifants rest campEntrance to Olifants Rest Camp

The camp has a well-stocked shop, fuel station, swimming pool, restaurant and a sweet fountain on the way down to the viewing platform......

Olifants camps Elephant fountainOlifants camp Elephant fountain
Olifants rest camps petrol stationOlifants rest camp petrol station
Olifants rest camps swimming poolOlifants rest camp swimming pool
Olifant rest camps shopOlifants well stocked shop and curio

Olifants Camp offers a panoramic view of the surrounding bushveld and river. Wildlife can be spotted from a viewing platform near the main area or from the restaurants viewing deck, keep your camera on hand......

View of Olifants river from viewing deck in camp


Olifants Restaurant viewOlifants Restaurant view
Olifants restaurant with a viewOlifants restaurant with a view
Inside Olifants camp restaurantInside Olifants camp restaurant

It's nice to know you have a choice, either eat at the restaurant or braai; we love braaing under the stars even if it rains.....

Olifants Mario braaing at SunsetMario braaing with the Sunset in the background....what a view!
Breakfast at Olifants camp restaurantBreakfast of bacon and egg on roosterbrood (braai bread) at Olifants camp restaurant
Olifants Jenny braaing in the rainJenny braaing in the rain - the Manfrotto Magic Clamp comes in handy to hold the umbrella on the braai!
Olifants bungalow breakfastOlifants bungalow breakfast

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Olifants Rest Camp accommodation has Guest Houses, bungalows and family cottages, it does not have a campsite, but you can use Balule campsite which is just to the south of the camp.

The lovely guest houses: Lebombo and Nshawu, are built in the perfect location offering beautiful views of the Olifants river. 

Olifants rest camps Guest houseOlifants rest camp Guest house - perched on the edge of the cliff!

each guest house has fully equipped kitchens, multiple bedrooms and bathrooms a lounge and dining room, air conditioning, DSTV with limited channels......

Olifants Lebombo guest house LoungeLebombo guest house Lounge
Nshawu Guest House Lounge at Olifants campNshawu Guest House Lounge

both have braai facilities and a few viewing decks with spectacular views over the Olifants river.

View from Olifants Lebombo Guest HouseView from Olifants Lebombo Guest House
Olifants Guest House viewing deckOlifants Guest House viewing deck

The camp is large and has bungalows on both sides of the restaurant and shop area, we prefer the right-hand side which is higher and gives you a view of the corner where the Olifants river curves around the bend.

The 2, 3 or 4-bed thatched Bungalows, are equipped with en-suite bathroom and air-conditioning, 

Front view of Olifants bungalowsFront view of Olifants bungalows

some units have fully equipped open air kitchenettes (kitchen is on the covered veranda) while others have communal kitchens.  

Communal kitchen areaCommunal kitchen area

A choice- with or without river view, these bungalows are located in the middle of the beautiful camp...

Olifants bungalows without a viewOlifants bungalows without a view

These beautiful Wild Parasol flowers are found on bushes outside some of the bungalows......like the picture above shows, we have seen them only at Olifants rest camp.

Olifants Wild Parasol FlowerWild Parasol Flower image taken in Olifants camp

while others have a fabulous veld view.....

Olifants bungalows with veld viewOlifants bungalows with veld view
Giraffe standing under baobab viewed from OlifantsGiraffe standing under baobab viewed from Olifants

these bungalows on the perimeter have a wonderful vista of the river below, which you can enjoy from the comfort of your veranda.....  

Olifants bungalows with river viewOlifants bungalows with river view
Olifants Jenny braaing as the sun setsJenny braaing as the sun sets over the Olifants River
Olifants Sunset at our bungalowSundowners at our bungalow #17 with the Olifants River and setting sun backdrop

the 4-bed family cottages have 2 single beds in each bedroom, two bathrooms, air-conditioning, a open air kitchenette with 2 plate cookerfridge/freezer, sink, cooking utensils, crockery and cutlery, lounge/dining area on a large veranda and a braai (barbeque) area. 

Olifants 4 bed bungalow with a stunning river viewOlifants 4 bed bungalow with a stunning river view

The river-facing bungalows are great - this is a photograph of family cottage number 14 that is situated on the corner of the hill, providing superb views of the river and the animals below...

Olifants river view from bungalow 14Olifants river view from bungalow 14

You don’t need to leave camp to see things - we have photographed birds, insects, flowers, reptiles, stars, sunrise, sunset, elephant crossing and even a lion chase from the camp.

The lion chase was captured when we were staying in bungalow number 16. The images of the chase were displayed at the Olifants camp reception but they had too many guests asking for number 16 as they thought it was a 'magic' unit!

The photos have now been relocted to one of the new family chalets at the back of the camp. 

Martial Eagle flying past our bungalowMartial Eagle flying past our bungalow
The lion chase from our Olifants bungalow #16The lion chase from our Olifants bungalow #16
Olifants lion chased impala into riverlion chased impala into Olifants river
Olifants lions looking for impala in riverlions looking for impala in Olifants river
Olifants Crocodile and Lion InteractionCrocodile and Lions interaction over impala kill

The full story of the lion chase appears in the book, 101 Kruger Tales.

Purple Pod near Olifants campThe Purple Pod makes for a great photograph
Barn Owl in Olifants CampBarn Owl Mario rescued in Olifants Camp
Baboon spider eating grasshopper in Olifants campBaboon spider eating grasshopper in Olifants camp
Elephant crossing the Olifants riverElephant herd crossing the Olifants river
Sunset through the tree at bungalow 9 in Olifants CampSunset through the tree at bungalow 9 in Olifants Camp
Hippos on the bank of the Olifants riverHippos on the bank of the Olifants river

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The area around Olifants camp is not only good for animal sightings but also has a few good view points for landscape photography; N'wamanzi, the view point on the S44 and Olifants High Level Bridge for sunrises and sunsets.

There are guided game drives, guided game walks, trails and cycling trails offered at Olifants camp, but we like to just enjoy our self-drives....

Leopard yawning on the S92 near Olifants campLeopard yawning on the S92 near Olifants camp
Brown headed Parrot nesting on Baobab tree near Olifants campBrown headed Parrot nesting on Baobab tree near Olifants camp
Elephant chasing hyena near Olifants campElephant chasing hyena near Olifants camp
Wild Dogs seen from Olifants BridgeWild Dogs seen from Olifants Bridge
Olifants River view from our bungalow in the early morning lightOlifants River view from our bungalow in the early morning light
Giraffe crossing the Olifants RiverGiraffe crossing the Olifants River taken from the Olifants High Level Bridge
Secretary bird feeding chickSecretary bird feeding chick on the S90

A word of caution, once you have finished braaing please douse your fire before going to bed.....or this could happen to your bungalow!

Olifants bungalow burnt downOlifants bungalow burnt down
Olifants Burnt bungalow number 9Olifants Burnt bungalow number 9

We have seen so many bungalows burn down over the years at Olifants camp due to the high winds. It look like they are building new braais at the bungalows....lets hope this helps prevent more fires!

Olifants new braaiOlifants new braai
Sunset over the Olifants RiverSunset over the Olifants River

This page has been created to allow visitors to post their special stories and pictures for others to see.

When guests return home and they start getting withdrawal symptoms, they are now able to log on and see the latest sightings, posted by guests and game rangers, from guided bush walks, game drives and night drives.

Visitors to this page can then comment on, discuss and rate each picture and story.

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