Bateleur Camp

Bateleur Bushveld Camp entrance gateBateleur Bushveld Camp entrance gate

The camp is named after the beautiful Bateleur eagle...

Bateleur eagle


Bateleur Camp is the smallest and oldest of the five Kruger bushveld camps.

It has seven fully equipped cottages that are similar to the old white-washed bungalows in Punda Maria and Shingwedzi camps, adding to Bateleur's charm.

Cottage in Bateleur camp Kruger Park

Bateleur Christmas dinnerBateleur Christmas dinner

Each cottage has has its own electricity with plug points, en-suite bathrooms and the bedrooms have either an air-conditioner or ceiling fan. The cottages are serviced daily and  bedding, towels and soap are supplied.

There are braai (barbecue) facilities at each cottage and you can buy firewood at reception. 

Camera gear set up on the Bateleur cottage verandaCamera gear set up on the Bateleur cottage veranda


If you are a birder this camp is ideal for you. Most of the cottages have a bird bath in front of them that attracts many different birds and even squirrels.

Crested Barbet at Bateleur Bushveld camp birdbathCrested Barbet at Bateleur Bushveld camp birdbath
Male Paradise FlycatcherMale Paradise Flycatcher
Bateleur Squirrel visiting our cottageSquirrel visiting our cottage
Bennetts Woodpecker at Bateleur Bushveld campBennetts Woodpecker at Bateleur

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Natal Francolin paid us a visit in BateleurNatal Francolin paying us a visit in Bateleur

Bateleur Bushveld Camp offers many attractions such as a bird and game viewing hide that overlooks an elevated waterhole.

Bateleur Bushveld camp hideBateleur Bushveld camp hide

Bateleur bush camp offers guided game drives and guided walks, please ask at reception when you check in.

Two private dams Silvervis and Rooibosrand which are within close range of Bateleur Camp and are restricted to Bateleur the residents only. Silvervis boasts a large variety of birdlife, as well as other wildlife such as Hippopotamus, Crocodiles, Bushbuck and Nyala.

There are some good waterholes and a few nice viewpoints like Tshanga and Red Rocks.

View from Tshanga viewpoint near Bateleur Bush campView from Tshanga viewpoint near Bateleur Bush camp
Red Rocks view point on the S52 near BateleurRed Rocks view point on the S52 near Bateleur

We saw this Crocodile from the low level bridge and stopped to take pics, just before the flash flood come and nearly washed us off the bridge...

Crocodile before the flash floodCrocodile seen just before the flash flood
Shingwedzi River flash flood near BateleurShingwedzi River flash flood near Bateleur. Just 60 seconds before, we had been parked on the bridge photographing the crocodile on the rock! As we were photographing the crocodile, the rock first disappeared and the then the crocodile started to vanish under the rising water.

The area is good for lion, leopard, zebra, giraffe and hyena and buffalo. 

Two male Lions lying near Joao waterhole near BateleurTwo male Lions lying near Joao waterhole
Bateleur Leopard cub on the S52 gravel roadBateleur Leopard cub on the S52
Bateleur Leopard cub with Impala killBateleur Leopard cub with Impala kill
Zebra at sunrise on the S52 near BateleurZebra at sunrise on the S52 near Bateleur
Male leopard on S52 near BateleurMale leopard on S52 near Bateleur

This page has been created to allow visitors to post their special stories and pictures for others to see.

When guests return home and they start getting withdrawal symptoms, they are now able to log on and see the latest sightings, posted by guests and game rangers, from guided bush walks, game drives and night drives.

Visitors to this page can then comment on, discuss and rate each picture and story.

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