Orpen camp is situated on the western border of the Kruger National Park. It is a small camp that is named after Eileen Orpen who donated her farmland to SANParks.

The Orpen entrance gate and filling station used to form part of the camp but was moved about a kilometer away from the camp so as to provide less noise to residents. The camp has a reception, shop and a waterhole about 80 meters from the camp.

The camp has 12 small bungalows and three family cottages. These were all renovated in 2009 so look really good outside and inside...

The area is good for lion, cheetah, honey badgers and leopard as the habitat has wide-open plains covered by sweet grass that attracts many browsers and grazers.

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We have been visiting the Kruger Park on and off for about eight years and we have had only a few lion sightings that have not been great. Some were very …

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