Okaukuejo camps entrance gateOkaukuejo camps entrance gate

Okaukuejo is located 17 km from Anderson Gate which is the southern entrance of the Etosha National Park, the camp is the largest camp in Etosha and tends to be the busiest.

Okaukuejo camps main gateOkaukuejo camps main gate
Elephant walking past Okaukuejo campElephant walking past Okaukuejo camp

The entrance area is where you will find the reception, curio shop, basic food shop, post office, petrol station, kiosk for light snacks, restaurant and swimming Pool.

Okaukuejo reception buildingOkaukuejo reception building
Okaukuejo swimming pool areaOkaukuejo swimming pool area

The rest camp was formerly a military outpost founded in 1901 and the tower was added in 1963. Visitors can walk up the stairs of the tower to see the magnificent view. It makes for some good photography opportunities, like with the stars at night.......

View of swimming pool from the Okaukuejo camps towerView of swimming pool area from the tower
Okaukuejo camp towerOkaukuejo camp tower
Okaukuejo tower at nightOkaukuejo tower at night
View of the reception area, restaurant and pool taken from the towerView of the reception area, restaurant and pool taken from the tower
View into Etosha from Okaukuejo camps TowerView into Etosha from Okaukuejo camps Tower
Okaukuejo gate timesOkaukuejo gate opening and closing times

Food and Drink

If you are not staying in a self-catering chalet or if you don't feel like cooking, then visit the large restaurant which provides breakfast, lunch and dinner....

Okaukuejo restaurant in Etosha National ParkInside Okaukuejo restaurant
Dinner at Okaukuejo restaurantGrilled fish with baked potato, sour cream and veggies

We like to take our own snacks and eat while watching the animals at the waterhole....

OK dinner at wall in EtoshaOur dinner at the wall at Okaukuejo waterhole

a small kiosk served light meals and snacks and out side near the swimming pool you will find the bar and outdoor seating. At night the animal cut out fire pits are lit which adds a warm and inviting atmosphere to the area......

Okaukuejo outdoor seating near the barOkaukuejo outdoor seating near the bar
Okaukuejo fire pit impalaOkaukuejo fire pit impala
Okaukuejo fire pit warthogOkaukuejo fire pit warthog
Okaukuejo fire pit rhinoOkaukuejo fire pit rhino
Okaukuejo fire pit kuduOkaukuejo fire pit kudu
Okaukuejo fire pit ElephantOkaukuejo fire pit Elephant
Okaukuejo fire pit lionOkaukuejo fire pit lion
Fire pit with lion cut out at Okaukuejo restaurantFire pit with lion cut out at Okaukuejo restaurant

There are picnic areas for day visitors to enjoy Okaukuejo camp.......

day visitors area in Okaukuejo campday visitors area in Okaukuejo camp


Okaukuejo camp chaletsOkaukuejo camp chalets

You will find only a few types of self-catering options; Family Chalets (2 Rooms, 4 Beds) with Braai; Bush and stone Chalets (2 Beds) with Braai and the Campsites. 

Okaukuejo stone chalet in EtoshaStone chalet at Okaukuejo camp
Okaukuejo chaletOkaukuejo chalet

Family Chalet are self-catering units with two bedrooms, each with two ¾ beds,air-conditioner, Lounge area, kitchenette and braai (barbeque) area.

The Bush chalets have ample living space with a lounge, a small but fully stocked kitchen, bedroom and bathroom with a small veranda with seating and a braai area....

Okaukuejo rest camp chaletOkaukuejo rest camp chalet
kitchenette and lounge area in Okaukuejo campkitchenette and lounge area in Okaukuejo camp
Inside chalet at Okaukuejo camp in EtoshaInside chalet at Okaukuejo camp

Stone Chalet has one bedroom with 2 single beds, en suite bathroom, lounge area, bar fridge, sink and tea and coffee station.

Okaukuejo stone chaletOkaukuejo stone chalet
chalet bedroom at Okaukuejo camp in Etoshachalet bedroom
Okaukuejo chalet lounge in Etoshachalet lounge and kitchenette
Outside area of chaletOutside area of chalet
Us braaing at our OKaukuejo chaletbraaing at our OKaukuejo chalet

Shaded Campsite with communal ablutions and kitchen area. Each site has power points and braai facilities.....

Okaukuejo camping siteOkaukuejo camping site with overlanders
campsite with caravans in Okaukuejo camp in Etoshacampsite with caravans

Then there is the non catering accommodation.....

Okaukuejo roomsOkaukuejo rooms

The Double Rooms have en-suite bathroom, bar fridge and tea station. There are no BBQ facilities available.

Okaukuejo roomOkaukuejo room

The Premier Waterhole Chalets and double rooms are separate from the other chalets....

waterhole chalets in Okaukuejo camp in EtoshaWaterhole chalets and double rooms
lights leading to Okaukuejo waterholelights leading to Okaukuejo waterhole
Elephant light near Okaukuejo waterholeElephant light near Okaukuejo waterhole
Lion light near Okaukuejo waterholeLion light near Okaukuejo waterhole
Okaukuejo waterhole chaletsOkaukuejo waterhole chalets

The Premier chalets are double story with a balcony overlooking the waterhole.

Downstairs there is a lounge area, air-conditioner, bar fridge, and tea and coffee station. There are no BBQ facilities available.

Okaukuejo Waterhole chaletOutside view of the Waterhole chalet in Okaukuejo

Two bedrooms: one downstairs with two single beds and a bathroom and one upstairs with two queen size beds; with shower, toilet and basin behind the bed, which faces the waterhole allowing guests to view game from the comfort of your bed.... 

Okaukuejo waterhole chalet bathroomOkaukuejo waterhole chalet bathroom

or the lovely balcony.....

Okaukuejo waterhole Chalet viewPremier Chalet view of Okaukuejo waterhole
View of Okaukuejo waterhole from  upstairs balconyView of Okaukuejo waterhole from upstairs balcony

Waterhole double room Chalet are situated close to the waterhole, these are comfortable double rooms with shared seating on a covered veranda...... 

the front view of Okaukuejo waterhole double roomsthe front view of Okaukuejo waterhole double rooms

they all have an air-conditioner, the bar fridge and the tea and coffee station are housed in a small cupboard, to give a neat appearance to the room....

Inside view of Okaukuejo waterhole double roomInside view of waterhole double room

an en-suite bathroom with shower......

Okaukuejo chalet bathroomOkaukuejo bathroom

relax on your own private patio....

Okaukuejo waterhole double room patioOkaukuejo waterhole double room patio

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Take a walk round camp and see what you can find to photograph......

Pied Crow in Okaukuejo campPied Crow in Okaukuejo camp
Fork tailed drongo in Okaukuejo campFork tailed drongo in Okaukuejo camp
Social weaver in Okaukuejo camp in EtoshaSocial weaver in Okaukuejo camp in Etosha
Social weavers in their nest in Okaukuejo campSocial weavers in their nest in Okaukuejo camp
Mongoose standing on the wall in Okaukuejo campMongoose standing on the wall
woodpecker in Okaukuejo in Etoshawoodpecker in Okaukuejo
tree mouse in Okaukuejo camptree mouse eating the bark in Okaukuejo camp

Okaukuejo camp is famous for its floodlit waterhole, with photographers flocking there from all corners of the world to photograph. The walled area is large so there is plenty of space......  

Okaukuejo waterhole with the moon in EtoshaOkaukuejo floodlit waterhole with the moon
Photographers at Okaukuejo waterholePhotographers at Okaukuejo waterhole
OKaukuejo waterhole in EtoshaOKaukuejo waterhole in Etosha
Mario photographing at Okaukuejo waterholeMario photographing at Okaukuejo waterhole
our setup at the Okaukuejo waterholeour setup at the Okaukuejo waterhole

Elephant and Rhino come close to the wall to be photographed....

elephant entertaining guest at the wallelephant entertaining guest at the wall
Black Rhino at the wall of the Okaukuejo waterholeBlack Rhino entertaining guests at the wall
Elephants near the thatched seating area at Okaukuejo waterholeElephants near the thatched seating area at Okaukuejo waterhole
View of the Okaukuejo waterhole from the thatched seating areaView of waterhole from thatched seating during the summer months
Okaukuejo waterhole setupOkaukuejo waterhole setup and waiting

the waterhole is a hive of activity as game congregate in close proximity to quench their thirst, this starts in the early hours of the morning and continues late into the night..... 

Okaukuejo waterhole with elephant and springbokOkaukuejo waterhole with elephant and springbok
summer with zebras at Okaukuejo waterholesummer with zebras at Okaukuejo waterhole
Giraffe drinking at Okaukuejo waterholeGiraffe drinking at Okaukuejo waterhole
black rhino near Okaukuejo in EtoshaBlack rhino on his way to Okaukuejo
zebras herds at Okaukuejo waterholezebras herds at Okaukuejo waterhole
One Zebra with its head up at OkaukuejoOne Zebra with its head up

The waterhole provides great photographic opportunities like; animals walking and kicking up dust...... 

Elephants walking through the dust to Okaukuejo waterholeElephants walking through the dust to Okaukuejo waterhole
elephant and giraffes walking at sunset to Okaukuejo waterholeelephant and giraffes walking at sunset
Elephants leaving Okaukuejo waterhole at sunsetElephants leaving Okaukuejo waterhole at sunset

sunsets, animal reflections, silhouettes......

Sunset over the Okaukuejo waterholeSunset over the Okaukuejo waterhole
Giraffe and zebra at sunset at Okaukuejo waterholeGiraffe and zebra at sunset
Elephant and Giraffe with the Sunset behind them at Okaukuejo waterholeElephant and Giraffe with the setting sun
Okaukuejo Giraffe reflection at sunsetGiraffe reflection at sunset
Animalscape of lioness at sunset at OkaukuejoAnimalscape of lioness at sunset
Okaukuejo lioness drinking at the waterholeOkaukuejo lioness drinking at the waterhole
Sunrise near Okaukuejo camp in EtoshaSunrise near Okaukuejo camp in Etosha
Reflections of Springbok and Heron at Okaukuejo waterholeReflections of Springbok and Grey Heron
Springbok silhouette at the edge of OKaukuejo waterholeSpringbok silhouette at the edge of OKaukuejo waterhole

black rhinos interacting as well as other animals, fighting, jackals hanging round to catch doves......

Black rhinos greeting at Okaukuejo waterholeBlack rhinos meeting and greeting
Black rhinos meeting at Okaukuejo waterholeBlack rhinos meeting and greeting with a kiss
OK black rhinos interacting at Okaukuejo waterholeOK black rhinos interacting
Black faced impala fighting at OkaukuejoBlack faced impala fighting
Jackal drinking at the waterhole in EtoshaJackal drinking at the waterhole
Sleeping black rhino at OkaukuejoSleeping black rhino
Lioness at Okaukuejo waterholeLioness at Okaukuejo waterhole
Black Back Jackal and herons at Okaukuejo waterholeBlack Back Jackal and herons at Okaukuejo waterhole
Black rhino enjoying his scratch at OkaukuejoBlack rhino enjoying his scratch at Okaukuejo

lion kills; like this male lion catching a springbok at night......

Lion with springbok kill at Okaukuejo waterholeLion with springbok kill
Lion with his springbok kill at Okaukuejo waterholeLion with his springbok kill
Okaukuejo Lion carrying his killLion carrying his kill

plans game and other animals that walk into the water to drink......

Two tone black rhino after taking a dip in the Okaukuejo waterholeTwo tone black rhino after taking a dip in the waterhole
zebras drinking at Okaukuejo waterholezebras drinking at Okaukuejo waterhole
Gemsbok drinking in the Okaukuejo waterholeGemsbok drinking in the Okaukuejo waterhole
Zebras in the early morning light Okaukuejo camp waterholeZebras in the early morning light
Zebras running out of the Okaukuejo waterholeZebras running out of the Okaukuejo waterhole
Zebras drinking at Okaukuejo in EtoshaZebras drinking

Then there is the night photography.....

Photographing at night at OkaukuejoPhotographing at night at Okaukuejo
lions and cubs drinking at Okaukuejolions and cubs drinking
black rhino at Okaukuejo waterholeblack rhino at Okaukuejo waterhole
lioness drinking at night at Okaukuejo waterholelioness drinking at night
Elephant with giraffe in the background at OkaukuejoElephant with giraffe in the background at Okaukuejo
White rhino and calf drinking at OkaukuejoWhite rhino and calf drinking at Okaukuejo
giraffe and springbuck at Okaukuejo waterholegiraffe and springbuck at Okaukuejo waterhole
Elephant and giraffe visiting the Okaukuejo waterhole at nightElephant and giraffe visiting Okaukuejo waterhole
Lioness with flehmen face at OkaukuejoLioness with flehmen face at Okaukuejo
Elephant walking to the Okaukuejo waterholeElephant walking to the Okaukuejo waterhole
Spotted hyena at Okaukuejo waterholeSpotted hyena at Okaukuejo waterhole
Giraffe and rhino at the waterhole at OkaukuejoGiraffe and rhino at the waterhole at Okaukuejo
White rhino with her calf at OkaukuejoWhite rhino with her calf at Okaukuejo
Black rhino at OkaukuejoBlack rhino at Okaukuejo
Giraffe drinking at OkaukuejoGiraffe drinking at Okaukuejo
lion drinking at Okaukuejolion drinking at Okaukuejo
Springbok drinking at Okaukuejo waterhole in EtoshaSpringbok drinking
White Rhinos drinking in EtoshaWhite Rhinos drinking
Low key black rhino image taken at OkaukuejoLow key black rhino image taken at Okaukuejo

This page has been created to allow visitors to post their special stories and pictures for others to see.

The photographs should be taken at the camp waterhole or close to the camp - at waterholes such as Okondeka, Olifantsbad, Homob or Ombika.

Visitors to this page can then comment on, discuss and rate each picture and story.

Have A Great Story with Pictures about Your Stay at Okaukuejo Camp?

Do you have a great story to tell and photographs to show about your stay at Okaukuejo Camp? Please Share them!

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Zebra kill 
We spent a few hours watching these black-backed jackals and vultures interacting over a zebra kill near Okaukuejo camp.

This is the best time of day at Etosha... 
... the sun has just set, the floodlights have just come on, my first beer has evaporated and the first animal has come to drink at the Okaukuejo waterhole! …

Elephants and Lions - what a waterhole!  
We stayed at Okaukuejo for a few nights and we had so many animal sightings by day and night. The highlight were the elephants and lions that came to the …

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