Last Word Madikwe

Last Word entrance signThe entrance to the lodge


Last Word Madikwe is situated on the Western side of the reserve so the best way to enter Madikwe is through Wonderboom Gate, which is only 300m from the lodge.

About Last Word Madikwe

The Last Word Madikwe HouseThe fantastic Lodge

The house dates back to 1916 - it was one of the original farmhouses in the area; this beautiful old farmhouse has been lovingly transformed, into a comfortable and relaxing sanctuary of African splendor.

Wide view of Last Word Madikwe LodgeA view of Last Word Madikwe from the bottom of the garden

On arrival the first thing we noticed was the lush green lawns that transport your eyes to the gorgeous floodlit waterhole in front of the house. The lawn is dotted with large trees that provide inviting shade for guests and homes to the many birds and insects.

The patio with a view of the waterholeThe patio with a view of the waterhole

After Caitlin and Jon warmly welcomed us to Last Word Madikwe and after our welcome drinks, it was time to explore our new surroundings.

As you enter Last Word Madikwe's main house from the patio through folding doors that lead into a large comfortable lounge with two seating areas, one near the bar and the other near the fireplace. 

Last Word Madikwe lounge and bar areaLast Word Madikwe lounge and bar area
the lounge are at Lats Word Madikwethe lounge with large fire place

A breezeway/patio joins the bar and lounge to a second building that houses the dining room, Tea and coffee station and small reading area.

Last Word Madikwe dining roomdining room- the pictures on the wall were taken by guests
Last Word Madikwe Tea and coffee stationthe Tea and coffee station with small library and seating area

You will be able to get Wi-Fi and cell phone reception through out building and suites.

The passageway that leads to the two bedroomsThe passageway that leads to two bedroom just off the lounge/bar area

Food and drinks 

Jen at the bar at Last Word MadikweThe well stocked Bar- Jen chatting to Damian

The bar area is a great meeting spot to catch up after an afternoon game drive or for an after dinner drink.

After returning from your early morning game drive, you can enjoy a wonderful spread for brunch; fresh fruit juice, yogurts, cereals, cheese, cold meat and pastries- then a hot meals of eggs of your choice, bacon, sausage, grilled tomato, mushrooms and toast are on offer.

Lunch is served around 2.30pm just before your afternoon game drive. 

The food at Last Word Madikwe is great!! And each meal is served in a different venue; dining room, breezeway or patio overlooking the garden and waterhole.

Lunch with the elephants at Last Word MadikweJen having lunch on the patio with elephants at the waterhole

We loved our dinners and each meal was well prepared and well plated.   

steak with mushroom sauce at Last Word Madikwesteak with mushroom sauce potato bake stack and green beans
Granadilla Panna cotta at Last Word MadikweGranadilla Panna cotta at Last Word Madikwe

The one and only baobab tree in Madikwe stands proud in the corner near the outside guest toilets.

The only baobab tree in Madikwe

The cosy boma area is in the garden near the rock pool and path leading to the underground hide, it has a view of the waterhole so you wont miss what comes down to drink....

Small boma at Last Word MadikweSmall boma is a nice place to sit pre and post dinner


Last Word Madikwe Classic suiteone of the classic suites with a view of the garden

All Classic Suites are contained in the main house just meters from the public areas and are beautifully decorated in traditional African decor. 

Classic Suite bedroom at Last Word MadikweOne of the classic suites

each appointed suite has, an en-suite with shower and large bathtub. 

Classic suite bathroom at Last Word MadikweClassic suite en suite bathroom

Air conditioning, ceiling fans, hairdryers, safe, a tea and coffee station, a mini bar fridge, writing desk and many other luxurious amenities.

mini bar in classic suite at Last Word Madikwethis mini bar add a lovely touch to the suite

The  spacious classic suites; all have their own patios where you can relax and listen to the sound of the birds....

The patio off the classic suite bedroom at Last Word MadikweThe patio off the bedroom


Enjoy walking round the shady garden or relax at the sparkling rock pool on the loungers while watching the animals come down to drink at the waterhole, or you can take a nature walk round the fenced grounds.  

The pool area at Last Word Madikwethe rock pool with a view of the elephant at the waterhole

Alternatively you can watch from the lawns to see what comes down to the waterhole to drink...

Jennifer watching elephnats while sipping her cappucino at Last Word MadikweJen enjoying a "sofa safari" while sipping coffee
Watching elephants at the waterhole. This is an old image - all the dead tree are gone. Photographers complained that they spoilt their images compositions - I guess the elephants heard and obliged!
Jen watching giraffe at Last Word Madikwe waterholeJen watching giraffe at the waterhole

 ...or sit in the lovely underground hide that offers eye level views of animals drinking.

Jen photographing elephant at hideJen photographing elephant in the underground hide

The hide was the first one of its kind in Madikwe Game Reserve. This underground hide overlooks the waterhole in front of the house and can comfortably fit about 4 people sitting and another 4 standing and the hide is also wheelchair friendly.

Elephant drinking at night LWMElephant drinking at night- image taken from the underground hide

The waterhole is floodlit so game viewing and night time photography is no problem.

Elephant herd drinking at the underground hide at Last Word MadikweElephant herd drinking at the underground hide
double banded sandgrouse at LWM hidedouble-banded sandgrouse, image taken from underground hide at night

The hide is accessed from a path within the lodge grounds next to the rock pool, so you will be able to walk safely to the hide during the day or at night.

Our Sightings at the hide/waterhole and on game drive while at Last Word Madikwe

We had some really wonderful sightings from both the underground hide and from the top overlooking the waterhole.

close up of an elephants trunk scooping up waterclose up of an elephants trunk scooping up water

Large herds of elephant came down to drink multiple times every day - we would see between 3 and 4 different herds plus a few male bulls that would entertain us.

Elephant at Last Word Madikwe waterholeElephant with foot on log

We watched in fascination as a few of the herds of elephant came to the waterhole for a pool party, it was great fun watching the little ones splash around the water’s edge with their trunks, while the large youngsters waded into the waterhole to become totally submerged in the water.

Baby elephant suckling while mom drinks at Last Word Madikwe waterholeBaby elephant suckling while mom drinks at the waterhole
baby elephant at Last Word Madikwebaby elephant playing at the waterhole

The wild dogs kept us on our toes as they popped in at the waterhole several times during the day-

Wild dogs at Last Word Madikwe waterholeWild dogs kept popping up at the waterhole during the day
wild dogs at the waterhole at Last Word Madikwethree of the wild dogs checking out the waterhole
Zebras and wild dog at Last Word Madikwe waterholeZebras and wild dog made an interesting combination at the waterhole

one of the wild dogs was injured and he just sat in the water at the edge of the waterhole .....

The injured wild dog at the waterholepoor boy was badly injured

we also had the spotted hyenas, a clan of about 20.....

Spotted Hyena drinking at Last Word Madikwe waterholeSpotted Hyena drinking

buffalo, a troop of baboons, banded mongoose and we just missed the cheetah who had made a kill at the waterhole fence the day before.

Baboons-at Last Word Madikwe waterholea troop of baboons came down to drink
Buffalo and warthog at Last Word Madikwe waterholeBuffalo and warthog hanging round the waterhole

Zebras, impala, kudu and a pair of Egyptian geese....

Zebra and Elephant at Last Word Madikwe waterholeZebra and elephant enjoying the waterhole together

the lesser striped swallows entertained us so much during our 3 day stay at Last Word Madikwe.

The lesser stripped swallow at Last Word MadikweThe lesser striped swallow collecting stuff for its nest
Lesser stripped swallow with wings upLesser striped swallow

Last Word Madikwe Game Drives

There are two games drives; one which leaves around 5-45am in the morning and the other leaves early afternoon.

zebras reflection at a dam in Madikwe Game Reservezebras reflection at a dam in Madikwe Game Reserve
zebra stampede at dam while at Last Word Madikwezebra stampede at a dam while on game drive

Mario and I did what we always like to do. Mario stayed at the underground hide while I went on game drives. He did come on a few drive with me just to see how much fun I was having...

black rhino at sunset in MadikweBlack Rhino image taken on game drive
Lioness and cubs drinking on game driveLioness and cubs drinking image taken while on game drive
Lion cubs sitting on fallen logLion cubs sitting on fallen log watching mom hunt
Roan at Nkwe Pan in MadikweRoan at Nkwe Pan in Madikwe
Wild dogs on a kill at Last Word Madikwe gateWild dogs on a kill at Last Word Madikwe gate on our last night drive
Hyenas stole the kill from the wild dogs at Last Word MadikweHyenas came and stole the kill from the wild dogs
Last Word Madikwe Game drive vehicleone of our game drive drink stops
Gin stop with Last Word MadikweGin stop with Last Word Madikwe

We have visited Last Word Madikwe 4 times, spending 3 nights at the lodge each time, so 12 nights in total and the lodge never disappoints us!

Here you can read our most recent trip report.

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