Berg-en-Dal Camp

This camp is one of the newer camps and as a result it has very nice bungalows - not the circular 'rondawels' of the older camps...

The bungalows are also situated randomly, not in a circle looking onto each other like Satara, Pretoriouskop and Shingwedzi camps.

The bungalows were renovated in 2008/2009 but we prefered the look and feel of the old bungalows that had the facebrick interiors...

Berg en Dal camp bungalow interior

The new bungalows have had the brick bed bases and brick tables replaced by two single beds and a reed table, which looks out of place to us.

The bungalows are private and the camp is very green as it is situated in a high rainfall area.

The only thing we don't like is that the family cottages do NOT have en-suite bathrooms. A 2-bedroom cottage has one bathroom and one toilet and we don't like queuing for the toilet!

The area is good for leopard, lions, elephants, white rhinos, and many different birds. Keep an eye out for owls at night in the camp.

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White Rhinos 
Berg-en-dal is white rhino country. We saw different ones nearly every day! These two blocked the road for about twenty minutes but the lighting was in …

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