Pilanesberg Map


You'll notice on this Pilanesberg Map that the park is circular in shape as it is a caldera - a volcano that has collapsed inwards.

The Pilanesberg can fit into the Kruger Park about 20 times so it is a small park by comparison. You could see the whole park in just a day or two but if you drive slow and go out in the early mornings and late afternoons, when the light is best for photography, it would take about five days to get a feel for the whole park.

The first map shows all the lodges - circled in red, both within and on the perimeter of the park.

The second map shows the bird hides - circled in green. The vulture hide burnt down and management do not intend rebuilding it hence we have not marked it on the map.

The third map shows all the cheetah sightings over a twelve month period. The A = a morning sighting (AM) and the P = afternoon sighting (PM).

This sighting map is from the electronic sighting system called Park View, where guests input their daily sightings on a computer screen and can then look at daily, weekly, monthly or yearly sightings of certain animals - what a great tool to help visitors find animals! Please click here for more information on Park View and sighting boards used in the Kruger Park.

Just click on each thumbnail below and the Maps will open in another window...

Description of image Description of image Description of image
Pilanesberg Lodges Pilanesberg Hides Cheetah sightings

Maps kindly provided by Hans Meier of Park Control

To download a high resolution map of the Pilanesberg game reserve showing all the lodges, bird hides, picnic sites, dams and roads, please click on the following map...

Pilanesberg park map

To download a camp layout maps of Bakgatla, Bakubung, Manyane and Kwa Maritane lodges please click below:



Kwa Maritane


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