panoramic view of Urikaruus Wilderness camppanoramic view of Urikaruus Wilderness camp

Urikaruus Wilderness Camp is an unfenced camp situated in the dry Auob riverbed in the Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park. It is 72 km (two hours) drive from Twee Rivieren on the road to Mata Mata between the veil of old camelthorn trees.

Side view of Urikaruus Wilderness campSide view of Urikaruus Wilderness camp

This unique camp has a real wilderness feel about it- set high up on stilts with a view of the Auob riverbed........

the side view of the end cabin at Urikaruusthe side view of the end cabin

View of our Urikaruus cabin from the frontView of our Urikaruus cabin from the front

The closest shop and petrol station are at Mata Mata (about 50 km North) or at Twee Rivieren camp (about 70 km to the South), where guests who have booked for Urikaruus also checks in.

We suggest you stock up on petrol and food items and take plenty of drinking water, charcoal or firewood and fire lighters.

There are no electrical points in the cabins- the camp is solar powered, but should you need your camera batteries or laptop charged just ask Eric the camp attendant if he will help you out.

The back end of the Urikaruus cabinsThe back end of the Urikaruus cabins
The front of our cabin at UrikaruusThe front of our cabin at Urikaruus


The five riverside cabins are all connected by an elevated wooden walkway for comfort and safety, this makes them suitable for large groups of family/friends, or individuals.......

wooden walkway at Urikaruus campwooden walkway at Urikaruus camp

The cabins are on separate levels, with parking for your vehicle at ground level and the bedroom with en suite bathroom on top and the kitchen/dining room on the lower level- each level has its own balcony.......

Split level cabin at Urikaruus campSplit level cabin at Urikaruus camp
cabin parking area at Urikaruuscabin parking area at Urikaruus

the upstairs bedroom with 2 single beds (the honeymoon cabin has a double bed), a ceiling fan and en suite bathroom with toilet and shower.......

The bedroom in our cabin at UrikaruusThe bedroom in our cabin at Urikaruus
Bedroom and bathroom at UrikaruusBedroom and bathroom at Urikaruus

the view of the waterhole from the upstairs bedroom....

The upstairs from our veranda at UrikaruusThe upstairs from our veranda at Urikaruus

Food and Drink

The spacious fully equipped kitchen, has gas and solar power for the lights, fridge/freezer, hot plate and hot water - a dining room table and chairs.....

kitchen at our Urikaruus cabinkitchen at our Urikaruus cabin
looking in from our veranda at Urikaruuslooking in from our veranda

the downstairs veranda with a table, chairs and braai.....

Downstairs veranda of Cabin 1 at UrikaruusDownstairs veranda of Cabin 1 at Urikaruus

the cabins all have guest-books, which are interesting to read. We write down

Jenny reading the Urikaruus guest bookJenny reading the Urikaruus guest book

we have had many little critters visit us at our cabin over the years; a Pearl spotted owl in a tree near our balcony, a tree mouse, mongoose and many others....

Yellow mongoose posing at Urikaruus campYellow mongoose posing
Yellow mongoose entertaining us at our Urikaruus cabinYellow mongoose entertaining us
Yellow mongoose posing for us behind our Urikaruus cabinYellow mongoose posing behind our cabin
The little tree mouse at UrikaruusThe little tree mouse outside our cabin
Urikaruus Crimson breasted shrikeCrimson breasted shrike
Pearl spotted owlet at Urikaruus campPearl spotted owlet
Yellow mongoose visiting us at Urikaruus campYellow mongoose visiting us

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Photographic gear set up at our Urikaruus cabinPhotographic gear set up at our Urikaruus cabin

The elevated cabins not only offer excellent views of the river bed and floodlit waterhole which is just fifty meters from the cabins - but it also enables the free movement of wildlife - including lion - below the cabins......

Our camp attendant checking the waterhole at Urikaruus Wilderness campOur camp attendant checking the waterhole

The waterhole is such a draw card and will keep you sitting in camp while the procession of animals keeps you photographing through out the day and night....

Photographing a Lioness walking to Urikaruus waterholePhotographing a Lioness walking to Urikaruus waterhole from our upstairs veranda
Jenny photographing a male lion drinking at Urikaruus waterholeJenny photographing a male lion drinking at the waterhole
Urikaruus sunset over the waterholeUrikaruus sunset over the waterhole
Photographing eleand from Urikaruus camp at nightPhotographing eland at night

We have had great sightings of lions, cheetah, african wild cat, spotted hyena, brown hyena, caracal and leopard here, by day and night.

An Eland at Urikaruus Wilderness campAn Eland at Urikaruus Wilderness camp
lion licking after drinking at Urikaruus waterholelion licking after drinking at Urikaruus waterhole
Cheetah chasing a Wildebeest at Urikaruus campCheetah chasing a Wildebeest at Urikaruus camp
Secretary bird swallowing a ground squirrel that it had caught right in front of our cabin at Urikaruus!
Secretary bird collecting sticks near the waterhole at UrikaruusSecretary bird collecting sticks
Giraffe at Urikaruus camp waterholeGiraffe at Urikaruus camp waterhole
Pronking springbok in front of Urikaruus campPronking springbok in front of Urikaruus camp
secretary bird at the waterhole at Urikaruus campSecretary bird at the waterhole
mother cheetah with her two cubs at Urikaruus waterholemother cheetah with her two cubs at Urikaruus waterhole
Funny springbok in front of Urikaruus cabinFunny- springbok walked round with this green stuff on its head
Lioness drinking at UrikaruusLioness drinking at Urikaruus
Young Cheetah drinking with reflection at UrikaruusYoung Cheetah's reflection as he drinks
Male lion at Urikaruus waterholeMale lion at Urikaruus waterhole

Night photography at Urikaruus camps waterhole......

the moon over Urikaruus camps waterholethe moon over Urikaruus camps waterhole
brown hyena drinking at Urikaruus waterholebrown hyena drinking at Urikaruus waterhole
Leopard at the waterhole at UrikaruusLeopard at the waterhole at Urikaruus
Bat-eared fox walking past our cabin at UrikaruusBat-eared fox walking past our cabin
Male lion walking away from the waterhole in front of our cabin at UrikaruusMale lion walking away from the waterhole
Lioness drinking at night at Urikaruus waterholeLioness drinking at night at Urikaruus waterhole
Urikaruus spotted hyena at the waterholespotted hyenas at the waterhole
Urikaruus Giraffe drinking at the waterholeGiraffe drinking at the waterhole
Eland drinking at Urikaruus waterholeEland drinking at Urikaruus waterhole
Caracal drinking at Urikaruus waterhole at nightCaracal drinking at Urikaruus waterhole
young leopard at Urikaruus waterholeyoung leopard at Urikaruus waterhole
Bat-eared fox in front of our cabin at Urikaruus campBat-eared fox in front of our cabin
mating lions in front of Urikaruus campmating lions in front of Urikaruus camp
Blue wildebeest at the Urikaruus waterholeBlue wildebeest at the Urikaruus waterhole
Two lioness drinking at the Urikaruus waterhole at nighTwo lioness drinking
Leopard leaving Urikaruus waterholeLeopard leaving Urikaruus waterhole

This page has been created to allow visitors to post their special stories and pictures for others to see.

The photographs should be taken at the camp waterhole or close to the camp area.

Visitors to this page can then comment on, discuss and rate each picture and story.

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Urikaruus waterhole - a very active waterhole 
The Urikaruus waterhole has a constant procession of animals during the day. In this photograph you can see a herd of wildebeest interacting with a smaller …

Cheetahs drinking at Urikaruus waterhole 
We normally wake up just before the sun rises but this particular day we slept in. At 07H00 I got up looked out the cabin window and saw this cheetah mother …

Two male lions drinking at Urikaruus waterhole 
When we arrived at Urikaruus the camp manager, Marius, told us there were two lions in the area. Normally when we arrive at camps we are told these kind …

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