The rest Camp is situated on the dry Nossob riverbed. The camp is surrounded by tree savannah and is famous for regular predator sightings.

We have seen lions and cheetahs from the hide and at the nearby waterholes.

The camp has a reception, swimming pool, predator information centre, shop and fuel facilities. A generator provides electricity for 18 hrs per day.

If you are staying at Grootkolk, Gharagab, Polentswa Tented Camp or Polentswa camp-site then Nossob is the closest place for fuel and food.

No cell-phone reception is available at the camp which adds to the tranquility and peaceful atmosphere at Nossob.

The camp is about 3,5 hrs drive from Twee Rivieren camp.

There are two Guesthouses, a range of cottages...

and camping sites to suit a variety of tastes and budgets...

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Yellow Mongoose in camp at Nossob 
Having camped a week in the Mabuasehube, and seeing lots of raptors but no big cats, we were looking forward to Nossob & Mata Mata but we were told the …

Cats around nossob 
We were at Nossob in 2007, I had a newly purchased digital compact camera, Lumix and was eager to shoot the cats of the Kalahari. We spent 3 days at Nossob …

Lion clan 
This group of lions camped at Rooikop waterhole right next to Nossob for about 5 days and they gave us many opportunities for photographs - and kept us …

Ground Squirrel Not rated yet
Nossob camp has many resident ground squirrels. They are all over the place. When driving around the camp you need to be careful not to drive over one …

Bateared Fox Not rated yet
On some of our visits to the Kalahari we have a few sightings of bateared foxes and on other visits they are so scarce. On our last visit to Nossob this …

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