Panoramic view of KielieKrankie Wilderness campPanoramic view of KielieKrankie Wilderness camp

Kieliekrankie Wilderness Camp is situated on the Southern Dune Road.  This unique infenced wilderness camp is perched on top of a huge red sand dune with uninterrupted views of the red Kalahari sands.....

Dune cabins at KielieKrankie Wilderness campDune cabins at KielieKrankie Wilderness camp

You do not need a 4X4 vehicle to access KielieKrankie Wilderness camp.

Please check in at Twee Rivieren, we would suggest you stock up with fuel, firewood/charcoal, firelighter, water and any food stuff because it is about 30 kilometers from Twee Rivieren camp to KielieKrankie Wilderness camp.....

Lightning over the Kgalagadi image taken from KielieKrankie campLightning over the Kgalagadi image taken from KielieKrankie

KielieKrankie must have the most panoramic view in the whole Kgalagadi Park; sun rises and the sun sets can be seen from all the cabins......

KielieKrankie SunsetKielieKrankie Sunset

and the view from the back of the cabin is just as good as the front view....

back view from Kieliekrankie cabinsback view from Kieliekrankie cabins
Back view from KielieKrankie campBack view from KielieKrankie camp


KielieKrankie Wilderness Camp has 5 self-catering cabins.....

KielieKrankie camp from behindKielieKrankie camp from behind

each have their own carport with pathways that lead to their cabins.......

Parking area at KielieKrankie campParking area at KielieKrankie camp
KielieKrankie camp cabinsKielieKrankie camp cabins
view from the end cabin at KielieKrankie Wilderness Campview from the end cabin at KielieKrankie

the rooms are spacious with two single beds.....

Inside the bedroom at KielieKrankieInside the bedroom at KielieKrankie
The bedroom in side KielieKrankie cabinThe cabin bedroom

en suite bathroom with shower and toilet.....

Bathroom in KielieKrankie cabinBathroom in KielieKrankie cabin

large glass windows let in lovely light and good views.......

KielieKrankie camp bedroomKielieKrankie camp bedroom

they have a fully equipped kitchen and small dining area, gas fridge/freezer, gas hotplate, solar powered lights and gas for hot water......

the kitchen at KielieKrankie Wilderness campthe kitchen and dinning area

the large wooden deck has a table and chairs with a braai area.....

KielieKrankie camp cabinKielieKrankie camp cabin
the large wooden deck at KielieKrankie Wilderness campthe large wooden deck at KielieKrankie

Each cabin has a panorama view over the KielieKrankie waterhole, with the two end cabins having views on the side as well,  but all have unspoilt views of the daily activity at the watering hole.....

The view from the deck at KielieKrankie Wilderness campThe view from the deck

the cabins all have visitor/guest books where you can write what you have seen during your stay at KielieKrankie Wilderness Camp.....

Guest books in our KielieKrankie cabinGuest books in our KielieKrankie cabin

"Mario and Jenny take you to spots that are not always visited, and their descriptions of the more remote camps will allow you to make an informed decision without wasting time and money" 

- Bob & Sherry Shepardson, DeBary, Florida, USA

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KielieKrankie gives photographers a great opportunity to get stunning landscape......

View from the wooden deck at KielieKrankie Wilderness campView from the wooden deck
Jenny photographing from our deck at KielieKrankieJenny photographing from our deck at KielieKrankie


Animal-scape of Gemsbok walking past taken from KielieKrankie campAnimal-scape of Gemsbok walking past
View of Auchterlonie museum taken from our cabin at KielieKrankieView of Auchterlonie museum taken from our cabin

sunrise and sunset photographs......

KielieKrankie cabin after sunsetKielieKrankie cabin after sunset
KielieKrankie waterhole at sunriseKielieKrankie waterhole at sunrise
KielieKrankie Sunrise from our wooden deckKielieKrankie Sunrise from our wooden deck

Many little critters popped in for a visit and allowed us to get some good macro photographs, of geckos and armoured ground crickets.......

Death hawk moth in our cabin at KielieKrankie campDeath hawk moth in our cabin at KielieKrankie camp
gecko kill at KielieKrankiegecko kill at KielieKrankie
KielieKrankie Gecko with killKielieKrankie Gecko with kill
Armoured ground cricket at our cabin in KielieKrankieArmoured ground cricket at our cabin in KielieKrankie

We were entertained by an African Wild Cat with her babies around the cabin........

African Wild cat in front of our cabin at KielieKrankieAfrican Wild cat in front of our cabin
African Wild Cat at KielieKrankie Wilderness campAfrican Wild Cat walking past our cabin
striped mouse eating next to our KielieKrankie cabinstriped mouse eating next to our cabin

The floodlit waterhole attracts various animals and birds both day and night....

View of KielieKrankie waterhole by dayView of KielieKrankie waterhole by day
Gear setup for KielieKrankie waterholes nightlifeGear setup for KielieKrankie waterholes nightlife
Brown hyena coming for a drink at KielieKrankie waterholeBrown hyena coming for a drink at KielieKrankie waterhole
Gemsbok drinking at Kieliekrankie waterholeGemsbok drinking at Kieliekrankie waterhole
Secretary Bird drinking at KielieKrankie waterholeSecretary Bird drinking at KielieKrankie waterhole

during the night at the watering hole; we have seen leopard, caracal, porcupine, lions, cheetah, African Wild cat, barn owls, gemsbok, steenbok, spotted and brown hyena drinking at the waterhole from the comfort of our cabin deck.......

cheetah arriving at the KielieKrankie waterholecheetah arriving at the waterhole
Lion relaxing at KielieKrankie waterholeLion relaxing at the waterhole
Leopard drinking at KielieKrankie waterholeLeopard drinking at KielieKrankie waterhole
Caracal drinking at KielieKrankie waterholeCaracal drinking at KielieKrankie waterhole
Caracal watching Steenbok drinkingCaracal watching Steenbok drinking
Brown hyena at KielieKrankie waterholeBrown hyena at KielieKrankie waterhole
Barn owl at KielieKrankie campBarn owl came to visit
cheetah at KielieKrankie waterholecheetah at KielieKrankie waterhole
African wild cat visiting KielieKrankie waterholeAfrican wild cat visiting KielieKrankie waterhole
Porcupine at KielieKrankie waterholePorcupine at KielieKrankie waterhole

This page has been created to allow visitors to post their special Kielie krankie stories and pictures for others to see.

The photographs should be taken at the Kielie Krankie waterhole or close to the camp area (along the lower dune road).

Visitors to this page can then comment on, discuss and rate each picture and story.

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This blackbacked jackal was a regular, drinking everyday at the Kieliekrankie waterhole.

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