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What's an eBook?

We tend to get the odd emails from visitors who have not heard about eBooks before.

If you know what a eBook is then please close this eBook help window now. If you don't know what an eBook is, or aren't sure what exactly you will be purchasing here, please keep reading!

eBooks are becoming very common and in many areas they are starting to replace traditional books. Nowadays travel guides, how-to books, maps and many other reading materials are appearing in eBook format and according to an article by Amazon.com in August 2012 - "E-Book Sales Surpass Printed Books". Amazon now sells 114 electronic books for every 100 printed ones.

An eBook is simply an electronic book. It is a file, normally a PDF, that you download to your computer and then print out or just leave on your laptop. Once you have downloaded the eBook it lives on your computer or external hard drive and you can open and read it or print it whenever you like.

Etosha, Pilanesberg, Kgalagadi and Kruger Park Photographer's Guide eBooks

An eBook has many advantages over traditional books....


  1. You receive the eBook instantly. As soon as you pay you download the eBook to your computer - there is no waiting time.
  2. The eBook format is interactive; you can click the Table of Contents or Index entries and be taken to the exact page in the book where that reference is found, which makes searching much easier and quicker than with a hard copy book. We have also embedded URLs to resource websites in the eBook and when you hover your cursor over the images a box pops up containing the EXIF data and other relevant information on how the photograph was captured - you can't do that in a printed book.
  3. You save handling, packaging and shipping charges.
  4. Updates are included. If there are important changes we update the eBook and you receive the updated eBook at no cost. "Thank you for sending me the updated Etosha eBook at no cost! The extra seventy pages with new lessons and featuring nice lodges outside the park really makes the book an indispensable resource for visitors."         - Klaus Schmidt, Germany
  5. If you aren't travelling right now, you can still buy the book now to start preparing for and planning your safari, and then email us for the latest updated version, if there is one, when you are about to leave for your trip.
  6. eBooks tend to be more affordable than traditional hard-copy books. 
  7. Should you lose your eBook due to a computer crash, you get a replacement for free.
  8. You get a full money back guarantee. We would not be able to give you a money back guarantee on a traditional book. Once you open a normal book you have to keep it, whether you like it or not or incur postage costs to send it back. If an eBook disappoints, you simply ask for your money back.
  9. If you take your laptop or iPad with on safari, as most photographers do for downloading images, the eBook takes up no extra space or weight in your luggage. If you need to read a section of the book just boot up your laptop or Kindle.

I want a hard copy!

If you would prefer a hard copy then you will need a printer to print the eBook and some folder or binder to put it into. (Though some people just clip the pages together with a large paper clip or bulldog clip and leave it at that.)

If you are visiting only certain camps then you won't need to print out the whole eBook but just the pages that relate to the areas or camps that you will be staying in.

Some of our customers have printed the book at their local print-on-demand shop, such as Jetline here in South Africa and they have been happy with the end result. 

At the end of the day the real value of a guide book is in the information and not in the nice hard cover, so the eBook is the better deal. Plus, when you are on safari you don't want to lug around big, heavy books!

Lower price, instant delivery, fresh information, no extra space and weight, full money back guarantee. That's hard to beat!

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"It's 768 pages of the most amazing information. It consists of, well, everything really. Photography info...area info...hidden roads..special places....what they have seen almost road by road. Where to stay just outside the Park...camp information. It takes quite a lot to impress me but I really feel that this book, which was 7 years in the making, is exceptional."            - Janey Coetzee, founder of CAROK (Camps and Roads of Kruger)  South Africa

"Having a passion for the region itself and having to know about all dynamics, water holes and ideal roads for a period of 6 years - I wish I had this guide on my first trip already!" - Morkel Erasmus, Secunda, South Africa

"Mario and Jenny take you to places that are not always visited, and their descriptions of the more remote camps will allow you to make an informed decision without wasting time and money"  -  Bob & Sherry Shepardson, DeBary, Florida, USA

"Your time and money are valuable and the information in this book will help you save both."         - Don Stilton, Florida, USA

"I highly recommend the book to anyone visiting Etosha National Park to photograph the animals - or anyone considering an African photography safari in the future." - Anne Darling, Cognac, France

"As a photographer and someone who has visited and taken photographs in the Pilanesberg National Park, I can safely say that with the knowledge gained from this eBook, your experiences and photographs will be much more memorable." - Alastair Stewart, BC, Canada

"This work is so much more than an eBook, because it is also a guide, a tutorial, an inspiration and a must-have for anyone interested in wildlife photography"  - Findtripinfo.com, USA


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