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Interviews with Joe McDonald & Billy Dodson plus a Cheetah Kill & more...

July 2011, Issue #006

Apologies for the long silence but Jenny and I have been busy compiling material for our four new eBooks - this entails regular visits to the national parks and much sorting and editing of images!

In case you have missed them, some excellent recent topics include:

1. Interview with Joe McDonald

2. Interview with Billy Dodson

3. Kgalagadi Cheetah Kill with photographic lessons

4. PhotograhyBB Magazine published Jennifer's Etosha article that you can download and read.

"You don’t take a photograph, you make it."

- Ansel Adams (American photographer and environmentalist, best known for his black-and-white photographs of the American West, especially in Yosemite National Park, 1902-1984)

1. interview with Joe McDonald

Joe is a professional wildlife photographer and we bought some of his earlier photo books when we started out with photography in the 1990's and the books are now collector's items!

If you are a wildlife photographer going on safari we highly recommend you read Joe's interview and then try and get his 'Photographing on Safari' book. It may be available at second-hand bookdealers.

2. Interview with Billy Dodson

Billy had been photographing for under two years when he won a prestigious photo contest and now he is a full-time professional photographer. If Billy can do it so can you!

You can read his interview here

3. Our Kgalagadi Trip Report with Cheetah Kill story

Our Kgalagadi Trip Report contains a lot of gems.

We photographed a cheetah killing a springbok at Urikaruus and a week later Tobie Oosthuizen photographed the same cheetah but he was not happy with his shots so he asked for advice on a photo forum.

The advice he received varied from extremes of open up you aperture to f2.8 to close it down to f8 and so forth.

I think his pics were good but he could have done a few things that may have ensured sharper pics like increasing his ISO and increasing the DOF to f8.

In addition to his story (the link is on the trip report page) there is a video clip of the actual cheetah chase and kill taken by Michael Schaake who was staying in the cabin next door to Tobie.

Have a look at how little time Tobie had to make changes. (Some people suggested he start shooting with his 500mm f4 lens and then revert to his 70-200 lens - you decide what he should have done or what you would have done...)

You can read the cheetah chase story and see the video here

4. PhotograhyBB Magazine published our Etosha article

The 39th edition of PhotographyBB Online Magazine features our article 'Etosha - the Ultimate African Self-Drive Photo Safari', which you can download here

Please share your interesting photos and stories

Many visitors to Big-5 African game reserves take great animal or landscape pictures but then never look at them or share them – the pictures remain on a computer or DVD for years – WHAT A WASTE!!

Please take a few minutes to share them either on the park-specific pages or on the general Share Your Stories page.

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We are off to Etosha next month so in the next Lion's Roar we will have our (hopefully) exciting Etosha trip report, a new interview plus some new pages on photographing Africa's animals.

Until the next Lion's Roar!

Mario and Jenny

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