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The Photographer's Guide to the Greater Kruger National Park eBook
May 27, 2019

New Kruger Park eBook

May 2019, Issue #020

This week we launched our 4th eBook - The Photographer's Guide to the Greater Kruger National Park.

764 pages of tips, tricks and techniques for less than the cost of one night's camping in the Kruger!

We're offering our newsletter subscribers a 30% launch discount. Should you wish to get the book, click on the link below, then click 'Add to Cart' where you'll see a button called 'Add Promo Code' - click on it and add the word K2K and the 30% discount will be automatically applied.

If you would like to get your eBook, please click HERE


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Please Share Your Interesting Photos & Stories

Many visitors to Big-5 African game reserves take great animal or landscape pictures but then never look at them or share them – the pictures remain on a computer or DVD for years – WHAT A WASTE!!

Please take a few minutes to share them either on the park-specific pages or on the general Share Your Stories page.

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Mario and Jenny

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