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A FREE Webinar on African Wildlife Post Processing, Wednesday March 18
March 17, 2020

A FREE Webinar on African Wildlife Post Processing with Andy Biggs

March 2020, Issue #022

Are you looking for something productive to do this week? If you’re unable to get to work or if you are looking to improve your wildlife post processing skills in Adobe Lightroom, come spend an hour with Andy Biggs as he goes through his own workflow, using Lightroom as the tool.

This is not intended to teach you Lightroom, rather it is intended to show you how Andy uses Lightroom for his own photographs and how to streamline the processing of images.

So, come and hang out with Andy, who is one of the world’s top wildlife photographers, and spend some time with him as you process some of his African wildlife photographs together.

Lightroom Processing Tips

When: Wednesday 18th March @ 6pm Central African Time

Register in advance for this meeting HERE

After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the meeting.

You will need to install Zoom's app on your computer, so do it ahead of our meeting.

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Many visitors to Big-5 African game reserves take great animal or landscape pictures but then never look at them or share them – the pictures remain on a computer or DVD for years – WHAT A WASTE!!

Please take a few minutes to share them either on the park-specific pages or on the general Share Your Stories page.

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