The Photographers Guide to Etosha National Park

If you intend visiting Etosha National Park you may have just one chance to capture the moments that you witness.

Your Dream...
You are going on safari to Etosha National Park and you have dreams of capturing your fantastic wildlife experiences on camera and returning home with impressive images to show friends and family.

Your Struggle...
You get home with magnificent memories, but boring photographs that have not captured the essence of Etosha. You are so disappointed with the photographs that you show nobody.

The above scenario is played out by many people each year. You are unsure of what photo equipment to bring with, you don't know where the animal hot-spots are and you don't know what to expect from the animals if and when you do find them.

And by the time you are just getting 'acclimatized' to the park, it's time to go home.

For many people, an African safari is a once-in-a-lifetime experience and they don't have the time or money to repeat the trip in order to rectify mistakes they made on their first trip.

But what if you could get a head start with your safari and know important information up-front?

Well you can...
the solution to your problem is an affordable eBook, The Photographers Guide to Etosha National Park (US$27.00) that you can download today (no postage costs) and either print out or keep on your laptop.

The eBook is available as either a PDF or from Amazon as a Kindle eBook. (You will find the Kindle link at the bottom of this page).

The Photographer's Guide to Etosha

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The plan is that when you arrive at an area covered in this Photographers Guide to Etosha eBook you'll know where to go when and what to expect and you will know what equipment and techniques will be most effective.

From the first day you arrive at Etosha you can be photographing the key animal species like an Etosha veteran!

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What other people are saying about The Photographers Guide to Etosha National Park (with some sample pages in between)...

"Mario Fazekas along with his wife Jenny and their good friend Kathryn Haylett have combined their many years experience and photographic talents to create a very interesting and informative eBook 'The Photographers Guide to Etosha National Park'.

Whether you consider yourself a photography novice or a seasoned professional who may be planning an African safari to the region the Photographers Guide to Etosha eBook will help you make your trip a resounding success.

My wife and I have traveled extensively throughout the United States, Europe, Asia and other areas of the world and rarely have we found a travel guide that not only says “come and visit”, but these authors actually go farther to help you plan your visit by explaining exactly when and where to visit and in which direction to park your vehicle as well as best times of the day to catch memorable glimpses of wildlife.

These award winning photographers offer stunning photos throughout to assist you in planning according to which pan or waterhole best suits your personal interests.

For me it’s the big cats, elephants and wildebeest along with the varied bird species that peak my interest and will have me returning to this informative eBook prior to my travels to Namibia.

To enhance the great photos, the authors have designed the images so that all you have to do with most is allow your pointer to hover over the image to see a short description displayed. Plus, with many of these pictures complete exif details are offered to assist the visitor with camera and light settings.

As a world traveler and professional photographer I highly recommend this eBook to anyone planning a trip to Namibia and the Etosha National Park.

Your time and money are valuable and this information will help you save both."
--Don Stilton, Florida, USA

The Photographers Guide to Etosha National Park

"If you plan on visiting Etosha National Park, Namibia, on a self-drive safari and you want to know how to best conduct your photography in the park, then I can highly recommend ‘The Photographer’s Guide to Etosha National Park’ eBook by Mario Fazekas of Kruger-2-Kalahari.

It not only covers the fall of light in mornings and afternoons (and where to park) for each waterhole in the park, but also recommends specific routes/drives to take from each of the main camps. Even if you have been to Etosha before, this guide will provide a wealth of information that may take you years to assimilate for yourself. Having it on-hand on my iPad and iPhone during our recent visit was invaluable.

You can get more information and purchase the eBook at a VERY reasonable price here:"

--Morkel Erasmus, Secunda, South Africa

"If you intend visiting Etosha National Park this ebook is a must have item! It is a detailed guide that shares park secrets with photographers to help you take amazing safari pictures.

I was impressed by the detail in The Photographers Guide to Etosha National Park. Maps in the guide show you the best drives in the park and even the best places to park your car. For each key area in the park the book lists the animals you're likely to spot and even tells you what time of day you're most likely to see certain animals.

The authors also share photographic composition ideas and tips. On top of it all the book is full of stunning pictures that will inspire you. Overall it's a great book that I highly recommend."

--Lovelyn Bettison, London, UK

The Photographers Guide to Etosha National Park

"if you are planning an African photography safari trip, "The Photographers Guide to Etosha National Park" could be just what you are looking for. With this eBook you can be sure of finding just the right places at just the right times to take some wonderful pictures.

The book is divided into four main sections each of which relates to the four key areas of the park. Within each section, the authors cover the different waterholes as well as the camps. Having real experience of these areas, built up over a long period of time, means that only those areas that give consistently good results have been reviewed - so you know you are not wasting your time and that the chance of getting good shots is as high as possible.

Each section comes with a nice color map of the whole area plus a plan of the camp and, of course, lots of fabulous photos. There are diagrams showing you exactly where shots were taken, advice on where to park and wait for animals to come and drink, information on what animals to expect, and the time of day that they are most likely to appear.

Lions, leopards, giraffes, warthogs, eland, wildebeest, kudu, gemsbok, guinea fowl, black rhinos, impala, eagles, storks, vultures... everything you could want on an African photography safari! Oh and elephants too - I nearly forgot them! With an impressive cast such as this, no wonder the authors are so passionate about their subject.

At the end of each of the four sections the authors give specific advice on areas of photographic expertise such as understanding animal behavior, working with the light, scanning waterholes, how to get great rainbow shots, and how to photograph animals at night, which looks at photographic equipment, how to use flash correctly, and how to avoid 'eye-shine'.

The best thing about the Photographers Guide to Etosha eBook is the feel of been-there, done-that, which the authors convey through great shots and accompanying text explaining how they took the pictures in detail. I also like the fact that they have included shots on what not to do - they are not afraid of showing the 'mishaps' because that is how we all learn.

The final section is a series of tours of varying length in the previously restricted western Etosha. There is also advice on which season to go in to get the most photographic opportunities, which can change significantly according to whether it is the wet or dry season.

There are a lot of things to plan for if you are considering an African photography safari. This eBook is not only a great starting point to begin planning but also a great guide to keep in your bag when you are out on the plains. Most importantly, it is full of inspiration and technical advice to help you get your own great shots.

It's obvious that the authors have put a lot of love and careful attention into this project and by the time you have read it you will be confident in your abilities to get great shots, even with a point-&-shoot although an SLR and a few long lenses will obviously help you get closer to the animals.

I highly recommend the book to anyone visiting Etosha National Park to photograph the animals, or anyone considering an African photography safari in the future."

--Anne Darling, Cognac, France

The Photographers Guide to Etosha National Park

"If you’ve ever had the desire to go to Africa to experience nature at its most raw, and to bring home the kind of photos that make it real all over again for your friends to envy, this book will do that for you. Written and compiled in language and format that can make any photography novice return home with their own enviable collection of 'life in the wild' photos.

The authors make it all a no-brainer. These people know what they’re talking about. Kathryn Haylett along with Mario and Jenny Fazekas’ knowledge of the African wilderness comes from many years leading or participating in self-guided and escorted safaris and their passion for wildlife photography clearly shows in their work.

Follow the advice and all you need to do is be there and point & click.

From the moment I started reading, I knew I was going to learn things I hadn’t considered on my first journey to Namibia. I vicariously returned to a place that only those who’ve been there know the reverence you feel in the presence of these magnificent creatures in their natural surroundings.

Photography pros and novices alike will benefit from the suggestions made in this book.

They’ll instruct you on where to position yourself and where to park your vehicle in order to get the best angles and exposure. You’ll learn which species you can expect to find at each watering hole and at what time of day. They’ll even instruct you on how to get the best shots with the least amount of equipment and still capture that “gold ribbon” moment.

I’ve completely enjoyed returning to Etosha by viewing the lions, leopards, elephants, giraffes, et al, through the camera lenses of these wonderful photographers. If you just want to peruse it for the photos print it out and leave it on your coffee table to share with others – it will not disappoint!

But, if you’ll soon be boarding a plane and heading off to Namibia, don’t leave home without the Photographers Guide to Etosha eBook!"

--Luba Fedus, California, USA

The Photographers Guide to Etosha National Park

"Quite simply, the Photographers Guide to Etosha eBook is an absolute must have for those travelling to Namibia with the intention of taking stunning photographs of the wildlife congregating around the waterholes of Etosha. The authors are real experts on advising how to get into the right position, at the right time to effectively capture your subject. Their collective passion for photographing Namibia’s diverse wildlife is a recurrent theme throughout the book.

I always say that almost anyone can take amazing pictures in Namibia thanks to the natural light and hauntingly beautiful landscapes but when coupled with this informative guide book, one cannot fail to produce images that are certain to make all your friends jealous and act as a constant reminder of the magical time you spent in Namibia."

--Rhys Powell, Namibia Tourism Board UK, C/o HB Portfolio

"Thank you so much for the Etosha eBook - I am so pleased with the information, tips and lessons. This is going to make our trip even better as that same information is transferable to all my wildlife shots in any national park.

Congratulations on producing an invaluable guide that will provide encouragement for lots of people."

Alison Fordham, East Anglia, UK

"Yesterday I bought the Photographers Guide to Etosha and it is fantastic!!! Excellent images and really great & helpful tips, diagrams and maps!! Congratulations on this brilliant ebook!!

I read it in one go last night and I've downloaded it to both my phone & ipad so in case one of them runs out of battery, I can still consult the book & use it while in Etosha!!"

--Lucy Beveridge, Bored Housewife Productions, Spain

"We have just returned from Etosha and must say that your e-book was very helpful and we will highly recommend it to anyone who plans a visit to Etosha.

We had a great time and have returned back home with lots of excellent photos. Next year we are planning to go to Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park and hope your e-book on that park will be available soon!"

Annette Laursen, Denmark

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What's Inside the Photographers Guide to Etosha eBook...

Written by three wildlife photographers who have collectively spent nearly 3 years doing photo safaris in Etosha.

We are confident this printable Etosha eBook will immensely improve your safari to the park:

  • It's for every level of photographer - whether you have just one camera and one lens or if you are an advanced photographer with all the latest gear.
  • It's a substantial book - 184 pages filled with photos, advice, tips and lessons that the authors have spent years learning.
  • It's a blend of theory with plenty of practical advice - there are explicit directions (with great maps), best times to visit, photographic lessons and expected subjects for four major locations: Namutoni (including Onkoshi camp), Halali, Okaukuejo and Dolomite (western Etosha) areas.
  • It's instantly accessible - no waiting for postal deliveries or expensive couriers.
  • Whenever we update the eBook with fresh information you will be entitled to the revised copy at no charge.
  • It's guaranteed - you get a 30-day money-back guarantee.

  • Table Of Contents...



    How to Use This Book 9

    Photographic Equipment 10

    Making the most of Your Etosha Safari 11

    Photographic Lesson 1 – Hunting Cheetahs 13


    Namutoni Restcamp & Waterhole 19

    Kalkheuwel Waterhole 23

    Chudop Waterhole 27

    Klein Namutoni Waterhole 31

    Onkoshi Restcamp 35

    Suggested drives in the Namutoni area 39

    Drive One – the Chudop Triangle 40

    Drive Two – Around Fischer’s Pan 41

    Photographic Lesson 2 - Understand Animal Behavior 43

    The Road Between Halali & Namutoni 44


    Halali Restcamp & Waterhole 50

    Goas Waterhole 61

    Rietfontein Waterhole 65

    Salvadora Waterhole 69

    Detour Road 74

    Suggested Drive in the Halali Area 77

    Plains and Woodland 77

    Photographic Lesson 3 - Scan the Waterholes 85

    Photographic Lesson 4 - In the Digital Darkroom 91

    The Road Between Okaukuejo & Halali 94


    Okaukuejo Restcamp & Waterhole 97

    Okondeka Waterhole 109

    Nebrownii Waterhole 113

    Olifantsbad Waterhole 117

    Suggested drives in the Okaukuejo Area 121

    Drive One – Wide Open Plains 122

    Drive Two – Into the Woods 124

    Photographic Lesson 5 - Be Aware of the Sun's Position 125

    Photographic Lesson 6 - How to Photograph Animals at Night 127

    The Road Between Okaukuejo & Dolomite 131


    Dolomite Restcamp & Waterhole 136

    Klippan Waterhole 147

    Rateldraf Waterhole 150

    Renostervlei Waterhole 153

    Duineveld Waterhole 156

    Nomab Waterhole 158

    Olifantsrus Waterhole 160

    Okawao Waterhole 162

    Jakkalswater Waterhole 164

    Suggested Drives in the Dolomite Area 166

    Short drive (3 waterholes) 167

    Medium Drive (4 waterholes) 168

    Long Drive (9 waterholes) 169

    Photographic Lesson 7 - Using Filters for Rainbows 171

    Photographic Lesson 8 – What can You Do about Dreaded Midday Photos? 172


    Etosha Seasons 175

    How to Get There 178


    Photographer's Resouces 183

    Want More? 184

    About the Authors..

    Mario & Jenny Fazekas have, since 1995, spent nearly 600 days on self-drive safaris in African National Parks in Southern & East Africa and much of that time has been spent in Namibia's Etosha National Park.

    Many of their photographs have been published and they have won a number of photographic contests.

    Kathryn Haylett founded 'Your Safari' in 2002 and she spends several months a year leading private safaris for family groups, friends travelling together or photographers on safaris in Etosha, Kruger and other African national parks.

    Kathryn has spent over 24 months just in Etosha so we think she knows the animals better than they know themselves!

    Who better to than these three people to advise you on how best to find and photograph Etosha's wildlife!

    Ready to Order?

    The Photographers Guide to Etosha National Park costs only US$27.00.

    That's less than a campsite in Etosha costs you for one night!

    Remember, you are spending thousands of dollars on safari accommodation, travel and photographic gear - ensure that you get value for money from your safari by investing in The Photographers Guide to Etosha National Park, so that you can make certain that you return home from your safari with images you are proud of.

    The Photographer's guide to Etosha National Park

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