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The Lion's Roar Newsletter
March 18, 2018

FREE Wildlife Photography Classes The Next 2 Weeks At CreativeLive!

March 2018, Issue #016

Most photographers are keen to learn as we’re sure you are!

CreativeLive offer Free online streaming classes and in the next two weeks, they are offering free nature photography classes by two of the world’s most famous nature / wildlife photographers:

March 18-19: Another Look with Frans Lanting

Frans will critique a selection of Wildlife, Landscapes and Macro images uploaded by guests. You could see your image being critiqued by Frans!

March 25-26: Another Look with Art Wolfe

Art will critique a selection of Wildlife, Landscape, Abstract Nature Photography and Portraits & Travel images.

You have the option of buying each course or watching the live streaming for free.

Click on the links above to RSVP.


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Please Share Your Interesting Photos & Stories

Many visitors to Big-5 African game reserves take great animal or landscape pictures but then never look at them or share them – the pictures remain on a computer or DVD for years – WHAT A WASTE!!

Please take a few minutes to share them either on the park-specific pages or on the general Share Your Stories page.

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Mario and Jenny

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